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Unapologetically Black

by William T. Robinson, Jr
William T. Robinson, Jr.

No one should have to feel bad or apologize for their race because of how others may treat or portray them. Unfortunately, we find groups or segments of people especially people of African descent that are often stigmatized and treated differently from their White counterparts who make up the majority of the population in this country. The history of Blacks in this country has been etched in the scroll of time by the dominant Eurocentric culture by doing anything possible to subjugate African Americans and devalue and trivialize their worth.

It would be more comfortable for many people if we could ignore the past tumultuous and horrendous treatment of African Americans in this country. But it is not that simple. Maintaining White dominance and White supremacy is indoctrinated systemically in all our institutions—whether socially, economically, politically or educationally. Teaching true history (whether good or bad) will reveal the fragilities and transgressions that occurred, and will make us understand the reality of what we are experiencing today, especially as it relates to economic inequality and race relations. It’s easy to recognize the group of people in denial (or those with their heads deeply in the sand). They rationalize and deny that racism doesn’t exist, or it is exaggerated.

Is America ready to address the psyche of a race of people who have been traumatized and dehumanized since their arrival to this country as slaves? These are a people America enslaved, helping Whites gain enormous wealth, especially generational wealth; a people that you, America, ostracized or discriminated against in your banks, schools, jobs, and communities. Even now, some Whites have the audacity to ban books or curriculum that will educate young people to the truth. Those who claim the truth will spurn hate are perpetuating that White supremacy should stay intact. They are not concerned with whether or not our children become racist, because the truth will bring about a generation committed to empathy, compassion, and a desire to make amends going forward. They’re not interested in learning from our mistakes.

The beauty of all the pain, hurt and suffering Blacks have endured and are still enduring is that they have persevered and continued to achieve and prosper in spite of all the obstacles that may be thrown in their path by their oppressors. But never forget that we live in a country that relentlessly promotes a Eurocentric agenda. At times it seems that promoting diversity is just a diversion, because we still often end up with Eurocentric assimilation.

Those who are committed to true African World History are now privy to information from Black narratives. The world is now able to see the true greatness of people of African descent—great warriors, kings and queens, builders of pyramids, architects of mathematics and medicine, great thinkers and philosophers, true and original cultivators of civilization. It should be of no surprise that those who seek to continue to control Blacks would be up at arms at exposing the truth of a people they have spent centuries trying to discredit. Very few woke people are buying the historical picture painted of Blacks by their oppressors, i.e.: dumb, lazy, unambitious, thieves, nasty liars, promiscuous, and immoral. The truth is that many of these vices can be found among those victimizers still seeking to oppress Blacks and people of color.

Black boys and girls who have been subjected to lowering their heads and feeling inferior have but to learn their true history and reject the lies they have been told. Understanding the madness they have been subjected to through education helps puts Blacks in a better position to counteract the effects of racism and demand change. We also need more good Whites to speak out against systemic racism and call out their peers, blatantly promoting racism.

Blacks promoting unity and love among Blacks should not have to apologize or be made to feel guilty promoting Black unity and love. Do not fall for the game of some Whites that by loving your race you are prejudiced and anti-White. Black History is a beautiful thing after centuries of Africa Americans being taught and programmed to hate each other. We are finally learning our greatness and to really love who we are. Blacks should welcome breaking the chains keeping us prisoners and learn to unapologetically love who we are. Can’t America see that when a person truly learns to love who he/she is, they can more easily love others. We all win. Being unapologetically Black is a blessing that no one can take away from us no matter how hard they may try. All we ask is that African Americans be equally afforded all the same rights and opportunities as their fellow Americans. 

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