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Criminal Court Clerk launches social media community outreach

by PRIDE Newsdesk
Criminal Court Clerk Howard Gentry

Nashville and Davidson County’s Criminal Court Clerk Howard Gentry’s office is launching a wide-ranging social media campaign using a variety of platforms to ensure residents are aware of the important services that are available from his office—and how these services impact lives.

“We hope that the launch of Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter will raise the visibility of crucial services provided by the Criminal Court Clerk’s Office,” said Gentry. “How many residents know they can have certain criminal charges removed from public record, or that they can get suspended driver licenses reinstated? We want to make sure that the people who need these services know where and how to get them.”

One of the most significant services offered by the clerk is the expungement of criminal charges from public records, which can be a barrier for those who seek employment, housing, or credit. In addition, unpaid fines and fees associated with criminal charges may be forwarded for collection adding additional costs.

To start the expungement process, standardized forms are available at the Justice A.A. Birch Courthouse, 408 2nd Avenue North, Suite 2120 or through the Criminal Court Clerk’s website Expungement Inquiry portal under Our Services—Expungement Information.

“I urge you to visit our social media platforms under handle CCCDavidsonCo to stay informed about available services, programs, and upcoming events,” said Gentry. “Our goal is to assist our residents in overcoming obstacles preventing them from obtaining fundamental needs necessary to be full-functioning members of our community—and to overall improve their quality of life.”

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