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‘Cancer: My Journey in Time (part 133)

With my voice

by Wanda Clay
Rev. Enoch Fuzz

The nation and certainly the city of Nashville are again mourning the loss of children and staff of a school involved in another school shooting. There seems to be nothing being done about these recurring tragedies, and the public continues to wait on government policies to take action.

Rev. Enoch Fuzz, pastor of Corinthian Missionary Baptist Church, remains a voice of the community while he goes through a journey of stage four lung cancer. He has also been hosting small group dialogues with mayoral candidates.

“This week caused me to feel empathy for the Green Hills tragedy,” said Rev. Fuzz.

As help is needed from all levels of government, perhaps these mayoral dialogues may allow an insight regarding what the candidates might have on their agenda concerning gun violence, in addition to other issues.

“Now that I have my voice back, I’m doing a few sermons each month,” said Rev. Fuzz, “teaching our adult Sunday school lessons and giving interviews to news media outlets on various community issues and events.” This is in addition to the aforementioned mayoral candidate dialogues. Despite his issues caused from stage four lung cancer, he is using his voice to not only minister but to remain in contact with people in government and ensure they are connected to people of the community.

Readers may remember that Rev. Fuzz literally was unable to use his voice a few months ago due to a surgery to remove polyps from his vocal cords which resulted in several months of doctor-ordered silence. Nevertheless, he continued to “use his voice” through the miracles of the internet, telephone, and texting.

Rev. Fuzz is blessed to be a voice for the people. He said that he currently feels better than he has in a years. While he is continuing to get the necessary messages out to the community, as well as the message from God, Rev. Fuzz makes it clear that he tries to be aware of his health. He said he is ever cautious not to overlook the fact that he’s still getting well—and not there yet.

“After teaching Sunday school, my voice was totally gone, which required me to lock down for the night,” he said. “Still my slogan is: ‘play with pain and stay in the game.’”

While we continue to pray for those families affected by the gun shootings and the surrounding issues of gun violence, please continue to pray for Rev. Fuzz and his voice while he remains on his healing journey.

As we continue to pray for his health and healing, we thank God for his ministry. Pray, share and be encouraged by the postings and weekly readings found in ‘Cancer: My Journey in Time.’

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