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‘Doing the Right Thing Shouldn’t Be So Hard’

by William T. Robinson, Jr
William T. Robinson, Jr.

A poem by William T. Robinson, Jr. on the recent school shooting in Nashville, TN.

Shameless men claiming to be empathetic, but at the same time refusing to adhere to what is real.

Our children are being mercilessly massacred in schools—can’t these politicians feel?

Refusing to pass strict gun control legislation that will help so many continue to live –

The cries of those mercilessly slaughtered inundate the air—but politicians are hesitant, what gives?

Is the money from the NRA or gun lobbyists worth selling your soul in the end?

Many weigh this gross betrayal as being a monumental sin, not to be presented as a win.

Blood money and catering to a base, you know, is wrong—makes you less of a human being.

You can rationalize and gas light, but those with open eyes know what they are really seeing.

It is all about doing what we know is right—to keep the masses from unnecessary death and harm.

But we have those making excuses and intentionally telling lies, pulling the public’s arm.

I wonder if stricter gun laws would be debatable for some if it was their love ones laid to rest?

For we have some politicians lying, making unfounded excuses, doing what they seem to do best.

Gun control vs. life is the question, and the unavoidable elephant in the room.

And reaching real solutions about saving lives, can’t come about too soon.

No lie or excuse can cover up what we all know is evident and real:

The rage and hurt from the carnage of our children, is something we all should feel.

Unfeeling hearts listen to those in the pocket of the NRA, defending the right to bear arms.

But common sense dictates we ban assault weapons that reap the greatest harm.

Some are quick to say life is precious and sacred, and must be guarded at all cost.

But they don’t want to ban assault weapons, regardless of all the children we have lost.

Sad that money supersedes life, and we all know that is the case.

And heaven help us with the consequences we are bound to face.

How can we ignore the cries from those gun-downed, crying from their graves?

All we have to do is the right thing, and find comfort in all the lives we’ll save.

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