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Halving of Metro Council by state halted

by PRIDE Newsdesk
Nashville Law Director Wally Dietz

Nashville has been granted a temporary injunction blocking the state law to shrink the Metro Council in half.

A three judge panel released its ruling on Monday, preventing the law from taking effect before the election.

In a press conference, Metro Law Director Wally Dietz who filed the lawsuit on behalf of the city said: “Our system of government is based on checks and balances.  When one branch of government violates the constitution or overreaches, our independent judiciary is designed to step in and protect constitutional rights and the public interests.

“That is exactly what that three-judge panel did.  In passing the Metro Council reduction act, the legislature was guilty of egregious overreach. The governor sided with the legislature. We had no choice but the go to court and protect Metro’s rights and the public’s interest in having an orderly election.”

According to Metro Legal, the judges’ ruling shows that Nashville was illegally targeted and that it sends a “sign to the Legislature that it cannot do whatever it wants.” 

“I am grateful that the court protected the integrity of an election process that has already begun,” said Nashville Mayor John cooper. “The people of Nashville should decide how our city is governed, as they did when they formed Metro 60 years ago.”

Other legislative issues targeting the city still remain, including changes to the Sports Authority, Civilian Oversight Board, and the Metro Airport Board.

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