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Trump’s base is dwindling

by William T. Robinson, Jr
William T. Robinson, Jr.

Some polls show the P.T. Barnum circus show (featuring Donald Trump) is dwindling. Remember P.T. Barnum was an American showman and politician, famous for being identified with the slogan “There’s a sucker born every minute.” Many people feel that die-hard followers of Trump fit that slogan when continuing to follow Donald Trump after he has made it plain and clear that he only loves himself.

Time and time again, Trump has shown he has no problem throwing his staunchest supporters under the bus. Many are quick to conclude that if you still support Trump, you shouldn’t be insulted when referred to as a sucker. However, you must consider that some people’s strong propensity for hate and racism supersedes their intelligence or ability to make sound decisions.

Many of those still supporting Trump and making excuses for his unsavory immoral actions claim they feel he is a savvy politician and they can relate to his political and economic views. But many would concur that those still supporting Trump lack a moral compass and quite frankly (if the truth was told) see Trump as the last promise of the Great White Hope who will resurrect a bygone time where White supremacy reigned.

Let’s make no mistake: Trump plays to a White nationalist, racist base grasping at straws to retain dominance over others they see as inferior. White lawmakers in rural southern towns and communities know Trump is a joke but fear losing support from many of their constituents reeking of adulterated racism. Many of Trump’s supporters are southerners with hopes that the South will rise again, led by Trump keeping them loyal to him despite his unscrupulous and immoral demeanor.

Believe it or not, many of Trump’s White supporters claim to be die-hard Christians, leading one to believe that maybe there is another Bible that many are not aware of. It is apparent that old, southern White men drenching in the sweat of racism, divisiveness, and hate are unlikely to change their stripes. But many of their young descendants are refusing to carry on their legacy of hate and racism. They include young, educated, intelligent conscientious White adults who are no longer prisoners of the lies and practices of their elders who attempt to indoctrinate them to hate and exhibit racism toward others. These young, White adults are destined to help turn the tide in eradicating hundreds of years of discrimination, degradation, and injustice toward Blacks and people of color.

While the moral compass may have subsided or disintegrated for many older Whites, the light of truth and justice is alive and burning bright in many of their children. Reality brings about truth, and although White elders herald White supremacy—the theory is being challenged by their children. The rhetoric many White children are being taught (degrading other races as inferior) is being denounced and challenged. Young White children are not buying the lies. They are growing up and interacting with their Black peers, whom they see as their equals.

Despite attempts to ban the history of Blacks, the internet allows young people to fact-check the achievements and accomplishments of people they were taught to be inferior. White racists supporting Trump are losing their young White base and the vote in the future will reflect this change.

If you are dismissing the attitude and views of our young people, especially young White adults, you are a fool. The old regime of old, White men dictating racist and bigoted legislation will eventually end. This will come about with young people of all races united, going to the polls and voting these old dinosaurs out of office.

Those politicians blatantly flaunting racist and divisive rhetoric and practices will end up on the wrong side of history, leaving their families a legacy of shame. Like it or not, it will be the descendants of staunch racists who will help turn the tide to better this country, making it represent and respect all its people. The writing is on the wall.

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