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Blacks are not anti-law enforcement

by William T. Robinson, Jr
William T. Robinson, Jr.

For those who are ready to get on the bandwagon with rhetoric that the Black community is anti-law enforcement and is advocating for criminals—that is far from the truth. African Americans and people of color want the paintbrush of justice, equality, and righteousness to encompass the whole canvass treating everyone the same, regardless of their race, ethnicity, social status, gender, or religious affiliation. Is asking for equal fairness across the board asking for too much in a country where some argue that racism doesn’t exist or is exaggerated?  We all know that is not the case in this country.

How many times does America have to witness African Americans being disproportionately singled out, abused, and even murdered by corrupt law enforcement officers and deny that this is not a nationwide practice? Many in privy entitled White communities are quick to dismiss the severity of police abuse and brutality toward African Americans. They are blind to the reality existing for so many African Americans in this country.  Can you imagine the multitude of abuse cases and even murder of Blacks by policemen never recorded or videoed? Such cases would then never gain national attention.

African Americans have been calling attention to the discriminatory practices by some blatantly corrupt police departments for years, only to have their cries fall upon deaf ears. In communities of color there are power-obsessed police abusing their authority (thinking they are above the law) wreaking havoc under the guise of providing safety and protection. In fact, many would argue that many police agencies have been infiltrated by a significant number of racist, White supremacist lawmen.

Most Whites who have never been abused or mistreated by law officers believe that when you are mistreated, beaten or arrested by policemen you are automatically guilty and the treatment is warranted. Unfortunately, much of Black America’s history with the police reflects a reality of racism and police brutality resulting in distrust and fear of law enforcing agencies because the abusive practices are so prevalent.

Demagogues, racists and the media have presented contentious narratives depicting predominately Black communities as overly corrupt, favoring protecting criminals over law enforcement. Nothing could be farther from the truth with this prefabricated rhetoric. Why is it so hard to understand that African Americans are only asking for the same fairness and respect they see manifested to their White counterparts? It is insulting how the messaging is high-jacked and manipulated. It suggests that African Americans don’t want to be protected by the law. However, it is how they are treated by the law in so many cases that should be questioned and investigated.

Common sense dictates that the average African American wants to be protected and live in a safe neighborhood like any other decent law abiding citizen. They don’t want to be disproportionately targeted and treated unjustly as criminals just because of their race or the impoverished neighborhoods in which they live. Extremist conservatives have taken the term ‘defund the police’ and labeled anyone agreeing with it as anti-law enforcement; however, it really means putting some of the money given to law enforcement agencies into intervention and counseling programs to keep more people from becoming victims of the criminal justice system.

It only makes sense to assume that many crimes altering people’s lives could be eliminated if proper intervention were offered or made available. You would think that using some of the monies allocated to law enforcement agencies would help combat crime, considering the big budgets some law enforcement agencies are allotted. Using exorbitant amounts of money to invest in military weapons by law enforcing agencies only serves to rub some civilians the wrong way. 

Why is it so hard for some people to understand the pain, hurt, and suffering unnecessarily and disproportionately inflicted by some policemen upon many African Americans and people of color?  Naturally this would warrant distrust and a flaming desire for reform within so many of these law enforcing agencies. Let’s not buy into the rhetoric of many self serving politicians who spin false narratives to feed their fan base and further divide the public. Wanting justice for those unfairly killed by officers doesn’t make African Americans anti-law enforcement.

Once again, remember that African Americans want to feel safe, protected and given the same respect, consideration, and fairness as their White counterparts. Don’t feed into the narrative that Blacks are anti-law enforcement. They just want the brush of justice to cover all of us.

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