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Are the concerns of native Nashville residents being taken seriously?

by William T. Robinson, Jr
William T. Robinson, Jr.

Nashville has no shortage of candidates vying for political positions claiming to help make this city better. But too often when many of these politicians are elected, they fall short of their former commitments vowing to help constituents who voted them in. Maybe in attempting to gather votes candidates are guilty of making promises they know they are not capable of honoring—or maybe once they are elected they adhere to the practices of other politicians with self-serving motives.

Reality dictates that regardless of what a candidate may say or try to ‘sell’ the public, they are not in a position to change things with their one vote—especially if they don’t have the support of the majority of their peers. And whether the public accepts it or not, sometimes elected politicians support the views of big businesses and corporations against the emphatic protests of their constituents. The rhetoric politicians come up with to support their positions is amazing, often going against the wishes of the majority of the people who voted them into office. Involving the citizens of Nashville in big choices is often an illusion. Some say it’s because big decisions involving major cities have already been made by city planners or the ‘powers that be.’

Nashville is growing at an exponential rate and while it has dubbed the ‘It City,’ it doesn’t seriously meet the needs and wishes of most of its indigenous and native Nashvillians. The truth is that many of the older and even younger indigenous residents of Nashville are being ignored and literally being forced out of the city. High property taxes and the inability to acquire affordable housing are two main culprits talked about by politicians. But they fall short of truly making a difference. Bringing more people and businesses to Nashville without adequately addressing mass transit or pending traffic problems borders on insanity.

We know exponential growth brings additional crime. The residents of Nashville are literally crying out for more law intervention so they can feel safe and protected. Many politicians are not listening to their residents, especially older, native Nashvillians. Time and time again, many Nashville politicians have voted against the wishes of their constituents, favoring big businesses. It seems that when these problems are discussed, the devised solutions may be compared to bringing a knife to a nuclear war.

We have a plethora of candidates running for political offices in this city, especially for the position of mayor. It would be in the best interest of Nashvillians to do their homework and be knowledgeable about those candidates who are best able to serve the city—for instance, those adhering to the wishes of all citizens, especially native Nashvillians who have been left out and feel they have no voice. Some politicians favor the economic growth of the city or state over the wishes of native residents struggling to stay afloat. While Nashville welcomes new residents, the wishes and needs of native Nashvillians should not be ignored. Their concerns and wishes should be prioritized, and that means action.

Welcoming the interests of big businesses promotes jobs and economic growth, but too much growth puts an unwanted financial burden on those less able to afford it—literally pushing them out of Nashville. Many Nashville residents feel prioritizing affordable housing, reducing crime, and making major inroads to tackle congested traffic supersedes a new Titans stadium. Nashvillians are still reeling and struggling with the last exorbitant property tax. It shouldn’t be hard to understand why many residents feel abandoned by their council representatives. They are left feeling they have no voice.

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