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 Cancer…My Journey in time (part 140)

Three difficult years

by Wanda Clay
Rev. Enoch Fuzz

 “It’s been 3 long years of being really sick,” said the Rev. Enoch Fuzz, pastor of Corinthian Missionary Baptist Church, in reference to his diagnosis of stage four lung cancer.  As he stated, Pastor Fuzz has been really sick during his journey with cancer.  Yet, he said that so many people have so much worse health struggles than he does.  He said, “It’s hard to imagine how they make it each day.”

The Rev. Fuzz has endured hospital stays weeks at a time that are miserable times; needle sticks at all times of night; hallucinations from medications; pain-filled days and nights; pain that medicine doesn’t help; swelling in legs and arms and times, when he feels like there is no oxygen, is in the air. In addition, Rev. Fuzz said, “I remember days when it took over an hour just to simply get dressed. Three years has been a struggle.” He recalls the times that he thought the struggle was over only to find that a week later he would be admitted to the hospital for blood clots and “stuff you can’t pronounce.”

While his diagnosis is stage four lung cancer, he reflects on the fact that there are other kinds of cancers that are very aggressive and spread through the body in just a few weeks; cancers that chemotherapy doesn’t help; and other diseases that attack and destroy the body.  Fuzz said, “It’s been 3 difficult years that now seem like a bad dream. But, I realize so many people are worse off than me.”  He recalls that the many nightmares of illness have made him more empathetic and that his empathy for illness is much greater after this experience.

While Pastor Fuzz is still in the midst of his journey with cancer, readers are still encouraged to keep praying for Pastor Fuzz in his health and healing.  He also realizes that there are so many people in worse situations and he continues not only to empathize but to pray continuously for those people as well.   Pray, share, and be encouraged by the postings and weekly readings of, “Cancer…My journey in time.” 

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