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Cancer: My Journey in Time (part 142)

Remember the sick and shut-in

by Wanda Clay
Rev. Enoch Fuzz

“What a difference three years can make,” recalls Rev. Enoch Fuzz as he reflects on just how many doctor visits he has made over the course of his ‘journey,’ following a diagnosis of stage four lung cancer three years ago. “I just realized that I visited a doctor’s office at least twice a week until last month.” Now his visits are currently once every six weeks.

Rev. Fuzz continues to progressively heal. However, looking back, he recalls the continuous pain and difficulties associated with being ill. He says that he has learned how difficult it is to be sick long-term. “It’s not like three or four days with the flu or a bad cold.”

This journey truly demonstrates the difference in not feeling well for a few days verses a daily struggle that is constant. It is constant in how it changes from one ailment to another, from one day to the next. Fuzz’s healing is tremendously improved but still there are things that must be handled with special care.

“Breathing is tedious and short walks can be disastrous, especially uphill,” said Rev. Fuzz. “By the grace of God and the many prayers from all over the world, I’m definitely on a good path to health. I’m mindful not to expect a complete recovery, but I’ll adjust to be always thoughtful of those many more people who are worse off than me.”

While he is consistently concerned with others, he asks that we: “Be kind to people who are sick. Try to empathize. There’s one thing I’ve learned and that’s how difficult it is to be sick long-term.”

While Rev. Fuzz is still in the midst of his journey with cancer, readers are still encouraged to keep praying for him in his health and healing. He is also in continuous prayer for others.

Rev. Fuzz notes that sickness is big business in America. Hospitals are packed with people who have no support group at all. “I hope these articles remind us to remember the sick and shut in,” he said. “Take time to reach out to a sick friend, family member or a stranger. But by the grace of God, there go I.”

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