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Legal loopholes allow criminal activity to flourish

by William T. Robinson, Jr
William T. Robinson, Jr.

It is without question that the three branches of the government (legislative, judicial, and executive) are full of loopholes and improprieties allowing unjust laws to continue to be on the books, as well as ignoring or refusing to regulate laws that could help eliminate many existing societal problems. These loopholes and flaws are more evident as lawmakers and high-profile governmental representatives openly flaunt misconduct, malfeasance, and blatant disrespect that would be immediate grounds for dismissal or imprisonment for the average civilian. In fact, it would be easy to argue that many of our laws have a propensity to favor the criminal over the victim, making one suspect these loopholes could be by design.

Today’s ‘legal’ climate leads one to question the credibility of our judicial, legislative, and executive branches of government. But an even bigger question concerns why legislators are so eager to make new laws. Perhaps we should revamp the judicial system and eliminate laws and loopholes that impair justice, equality, and fairness. It leads one to believe that many lawmakers don’t respect the ability of their constituents to harbor common sense.

Lawmakers seem engrossed in enacting legislation claiming it will help make our lives better. But perhaps the answer may be in revisiting the laws on the books and correcting and eliminating unjust, biased laws and practices that we all know are flawed and unfair. Correcting the wrongs in our laws and practices should be a priority for our lawmakers. But this is overlooked, maybe because many of our lawmakers are looking to use these flaws and loopholes to help themselves or questionably corrupt individuals and companies they represent or serve.

The public is not without blame for allowing the abuse of loopholes and flaws to go unchecked. We have been conditioned to believe that all laws are in our best interest, and as law-abiding citizens, we should adhere to even unfair laws. Too many times, we elect unethical lawmakers catering to groups harboring discriminatory, racial, or unjust motives. And so-called good people acquiesce and say nothing.

Historically, our government’s role in perpetuating and supporting White supremacy has helped institutionalize these loopholes socially, politically, and economically. The loopholes (for the most part) favor White men found taking up most of the powerful and influential roles in our three branches of government.

As it stands now, can we honestly say our laws allow everyone due process? You answer this question: How fair is it when five people can commit the same identical crime and get five different outcomes, depending on their race, social status, or who they know? Every day there are reminders of the loopholes and flaws found in our three branches of government.

This country can never be the country it professes to be until we honestly do what we all know is right and amend the wrongs so flagrantly exhibited in our system. Unfortunately, it will not come about from within, but from the masses relentlessly demanding reform. The old vanguard who perpetuated many of these loopholes and who are now guarding and protecting them need to be voted out if this country is to redeem itself.

Call me foolish, but I honestly believe the majority of the country wants a government where honesty, integrity, and equality are prime virtues needed to make this a better nation where everyone feels valued and appreciated—not just criminals trying to find loopholes to avert justice. As it stands now, too many of our public servers and companies reek of criminal improprieties. They are running amuck, literally laughing at us while taking advantage of the loopholes in our flawed system.

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