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The Promise (part two)

Bishop-Elect Dr. Monterey D. Lee, Sr.

My friends, God said: “As My people, you must have knowledge. Get it and hold on to it, for there are others who lack knowledge, because they are without Me. This is why they refuse to listen and hear My words. It’s their disobedience to the power of My word that stops them from receiving understanding, and wisdom. They go against My power: My power that performs miracles; My power that brought the children of Israel out of Egypt; power that will take My people to a land full of plenty; My power! Receive knowledge so you can have power, Dunamis Power—the ability of God, the efficiency [order and might, a greater plan] that can only come from God. So in this hour, in this timing, don’t be without the keeping power of God. Get your understanding.

“My children, you will now live in righteousness, and sin will be removed from your hearts. You will keep your word and no longer turn away from Me. This time you will not break your word, because you are now unchangeable in your character, your will, and covenant promises.

“I have pardoned your iniquity [your sins], the transgressions of My remnant is no more. I am a God that loves to show My mercy to a people who has returned back to Me as Lord. I will not hold you back, but I will forgive you because you have repented, and now I will offer forgiveness to all that come back to Me. This is My free offer to you if you come back. There is no one like Me. I have shown you compassion. I have subdued [conquered] your iniquities and have thrown them into the deepest part of the sea.”

Micah, the prophet of God, would say: “I have been sent to deliver a message to you [Israel] that your waywardness has been thrown into the deepest waters because you have returned to holiness. You have come away from your selflessness and you seek to worship God and turn your faithful love into a divine force. God has not given up on you for His love is unending.”

And God said: “Now the 12 tribes of Jacob, with his 12 sons, I will be kind to as I did to your ancestors long ago. I, the Lord your God, will be fair to you, and as My people I need you to do right unto Me.”

From the Gospel of God: “I have shown you what is good; and what I require of thee, be justly, love mercy, and walk humbly with the Lord your God,” Micah 6:8.

You have My promise. Do I have yours?

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