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Politicians’s responses about Trump’s recent indictment should show us who they really are

by William T. Robinson, Jr
William T. Robinson, Jr.

Let’s put our stance or loyalty to political parties aside and concentrate using common sense and prevailing truth to honestly defend what is best for the country, especially as it relates to protecting our safety and national security. The recent indictment of former President Donald Trump for deliberately and willingly harboring classified documents that could jeopardized our national security is something that cannot be ignored and swept under the rug—regardless of who the person is.

There is also an ongoing investigation by the FBI with President Joe Biden after finding classified documents in his Delaware office. These are serious charges that should be addressed to these individuals and not hijacked by political parties.  The reason and intent, as well as the cooperation of those accused, should be the primary factors affecting the outcome of the investigations.

It is not a question of whether members of both political parties are guilty of possessing classified documents. It is about the circumstances involving the displacement of the documents to what many would say are unauthorized specific locations. We also cannot excuse the loopholes or lack of following guidelines in governmental departments that allowed these sensitive documents to be so easily transported to what the public would consider as unauthorized locations.

What we need to be looking at is correcting these serious misallocations of classified information and look to see if it was intentionally or accidentally done. If it was intentionally done, there should be legal ramifications or laws in place to deal with those involved. Surely those guarding our national security cannot be so incompetent as to overlook glitches or manipulation allowing our national security to be compromised. If a civilian were involved with harboring classified top secret documents and lying to cover it up, they would be met with the highest wrath of our law and no doubt subjected to prison time.

Once again putting political parties aside, could you as an American citizen trust or feel comfortable with any public servant who doesn’t see the severity of our classified documents being deliberately withheld or compromised by an individual or group, especially as it relates to our national security? The truth of the matter is that we should be wary of any politician who can rationalize or make excuses supporting any individual or group guilty of such treasonous actions. Such an individual can be considered as a threat to our democracy and is likely putting their selfish ambitions, needs and concerns above what is in the best interest of our country. 

The duplicitous actions of many politicians should be a fair warning to conscientious and justice loving Americans. They should know, then, who to stay clear of. There is no amount of rationalizing or political rhetoric to sway those who can still think and are devoted to the truth. Unfortunately, too many politicians are catering to gullible and  myopic voters who are willingly oblivious to the truth. 

Personally, maybe we should thank those politicians who are not afraid to show us who they truly are. Forsaking democracy and the truth for personal gains tells it all and makes it easier for many potential voters in the upcoming elections.  Sensibility dictates standing up for what is right. We shouldn’t be swayed or deterred by political parties.       

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