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Vote Matt Wiltshire for Mayor on August 3rd

by PRIDE Newsdesk
Matt Wiltshire

I’m Jennifer Horne, CEO of Urban Campus and Core, a woman and minority-owned firm creating paths to equitable economic growth. From my work on affordable housing, I’m strongly supporting Matt Wiltshire for mayor – I’ve seen Matt in the trenches, full-time, working to improve housing affordability.

My name is David Swett, Jr. . . . my family has run Swett’s for decades and now I own a catering company. I’m strongly supporting Matt Wiltshire for Mayor. Matt Wiltshire has a track record of helping diverse local businesses.

When it comes to economic equity and affordable housing, Matt Wiltshire is the only candidate running for Mayor with a proven track record of getting things done. Our next mayor needs to be laser-focused on affordable housing. Matt Wiltshire is the only affordable housing expert running for Mayor.

As Mayor, Matt Wiltshire can do so much more, especially for senior citizens. Matt has solved big problems before, and he has new ideas to get Nashville back on track. The cost of housing is rising, making Nashville unaffordable for many. As Mayor, Matt will address the rising cost of living in our city and develop an ambitious affordable housing plan that leverages city assets to build new homes.

Matt will aggressively create sustainable funding for affordable housing in Nashville and streamline regulations to make it easier for people to build much needed housing.

Matt understands the urgency of our housing crisis, and he’s worked hard to get results. In his three years at the Nashville Housing Authority, Matt brought together the public and private sectors to help build more than 4,000 new units of housing that Nashvillians can actually afford.

Matt knows housing isn’t just a basic necessity. It’s the cornerstone of a thriving community.

As Mayor, Matt will tackle our housing problem and make home ownership affordable for everyone.

Matt will fight for our families and our future. Matt is committed to increasing investment in the Barnes Fund and building more affordable housing. Matt knows how to make it easier for low-income seniors to get tax credits so they can stay in their home. Matt will implement the Envision Plan to ensure that no one is displaced when developing housing.

For many Nashvillians, our city doesn’t feel as safe as it once did. Matt knows that protecting communities is local government’s most fundamental responsibility, and as Mayor, public safety will be one of his top priorities.

As Mayor, Matt will fully staff our police department and work to reduce violence and get guns off our streets. He will double down on programs that divert community members experiencing behavioral health crises from the criminal justice system. And he will focus on breaking down silos and implementing unique, high-impact solutions that harness the power of partnerships with the nonprofit community and the private sector. Vote for a stronger Nashville. Vote Matt Wiltshire for Mayor on August 3rd.

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