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‘Cancer: My Journey in Time’ (part 150)

Living with cancer

by Wanda Clay
Rev. Enoch Fuzz

It’s been three years and nearly two months since Rev. Enoch Fuzz, pastor of Corinthian Missionary Baptist Church, was diagnosed with stage four lung cancer. Rev. Fuzz reminds us that life is still not normal, but it’s much better. He said that his breathing may never be normal, but that (with much else) remains to be seen.

Rev. Fuzz currently has ‘six-month scans’ scheduled in a few weeks. That will then determine how progress is going with the status of the cancer.   

“I have to deal with poor circulation in my legs,” Fuzz said, “and that, hopefully, can be fixed. Medical science should truly be appreciated, but my condition is definitely not out of danger.”

Rev. Fuzz is still a very unhealthy person with stage four lung cancer, and he states that the cancer is not going away. Nevertheless, Rev. Fuzz said: “I’ll be able to live with it.”

His church and members are most cooperative, allowing him time and space to heal without complaints. Many people in the community know Rev. Fuzz to be a resource for many things, yet he sometimes wonders if people might consider their wants and needs more than his health.

Nevertheless, Rev. Fuzz said: “I’ll be away from the pulpit for the month of August and half of September with nothing but support from a congregation that I can only be grateful for. They are the best church members in the whole wide world.”

Rev. Fuzz also notes that he has been made to stay inside due to the extreme weather in Nashville. But Enoch Fuzz continues to maintain a healthy attitude, noting that treatment as well as attitude makes him better. The treatments that are assigned by his doctors and his positive attitude regarding his situation really makes a difference. After all, as he stated above, he “can live with cancer.” It is a plus that Rev. Fuzz has gone from three doctor appointments each week to two each month.

“Some of the symptoms will get better with treatment and attitude,” Rev. Fuzz said. “That is it! Pain is still a daily companion, and swelling is a challenge. But I still feel like today is a good day to live.”

Of course, along with treatments and attitude, he is most grateful for the unending prayers that are spoken on his behalf every day. He prays just the same for other people who find themselves on life-changing journeys.

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