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‘Cancer: My Journey in Time’ (part 164)

Praying and God Almighty

by Wanda Clay
Rev. Enoch Fuzz

Prayer is a very important part of healing. Yes, this is the type of statement made at the end of each chapter of Rev. Enoch Fuzz’s journey with cancer. Readers are encouraged to focus on believing in prayer and maintaining a prayer life. Prayer has been a key component of this journey since it began with Rev. Fuzz’s diagnosis of stage four lung cancer over three years ago.

Rev. Fuzz, pastor of Corinthian Missionary Baptist Church, consistently makes his thoughts about prayer known. It has been his mantra along this cancer journey not only to ask for prayer for himself, but to have people pray for one another. He has always wanted everyone to simply pray.

In this edition of his journey, Rev. Fuzz has this to say:

“My health update is beyond human expectations. I’m going to give the credit to God Almighty, who I truly believe heard and answered the hundreds of prayers by people from all over the world. I also acknowledge the medical wisdom of oncologist, Dr. El Kadmira, at Metro General Hospital. It seems uncanny at first that I recognized that Dr. El Kadmira was my cancer doctor at the safety net hospital and headed what industry magazines named the best Cancer Treatment Team in Nashville. Lots of so-called middle class African Americans prefer the upscale hospitals to the hospital for the poor. From the first day, I was intentional and determined that I wanted my care for stage 4 lung cancer to be led by the Robert Hardy Cancer Clinic. I assumed that General Hospital was accustomed to caring for the sickest of patients and if I was going to have a chance, I needed to put my care in the hands of more humble practitioners. Plus, I’d experienced the healthcare equity of the city hospitals. I prefer humble and approachable doctors to arrogant, racist ones. You know the stories, but if you don’t I do. I’m grateful to God Almighty who is the true healer. But I’m also grateful to Dr. El Kadmira and the many provided staff at General Hospital who in my eyes went beyond their calling to care for me. I so appreciated the text messages from my oncologist and follow up calls from the hospital ER after I checked out of the hospital to just inquire ‘How are you doing?’ ‘Are you having pain?’ ‘Where’s the pain?’ All I can say is God Almighty used a safety net hospital, doctors, nurses, and ER professionals to answer the many prayers of people who have faith.”

Those hospital staff are a part of God’s miracles.  He puts us in places under the care of those whom we need for His healing. He guides their minds in order to instruct on the proper care.

Thanks and prayers are continuous to you, the doctors and God Almighty!

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