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Meet Chris Cheng, candidate for Nashville Metro Council-at-large for Sept. 14 election

by PRIDE Newsdesk
Chris Cheng

I’m Chris Cheng. I’m running for Nashville’s Metro Council at Large to:

  • Preserve our parks, greenways, and recreational spaces.
  • Invest in our libraries, schools, art hubs, and community centers.
  • Advocate for safe and sustainable countywide infrastructure.
  • Support our teachers, first responders, and metro employees.
  • Champion our small businesses and local entrepreneurs.

I have tremendous energy and enthusiasm for this city. I love the people here. I’m running to make Nashville a better place for all of us. This is home.

Champion for Local Small Businesses: I’m running to be the Metro Council’s steadfast advocate for local small businesses – integral pieces of our city’s unique culture, taste, and charm. My wife and I are farmers market vendors. We own Hot Sauce Nashville, a local hot sauce company. I’m whole-heartedly grateful for our small business community and the local support. I want to commit my energy to representing and serving our local entrepreneurial community. Whatever the policy or issue, I’d strive to advocate for our local small businesses: How would a new policy proposal impact our small business community? How could upcoming development plans best support the locally owned shops, restaurants, and makers?

Community Investments: I’m passionate about supporting our public places that help build neighborhood bonds and strengthen community relationships: preserving our parks, outdoor recreational areas, and greenways; investing in our libraries, art hubs, farmers markets, and community centers. We should be investing in our neighborhoods all across Davidson County.

Infrastructure: I want to advocate for safe and sustainable countywide infrastructure: smooth roads, clean water, reliable utilities, green parks, safe sidewalks, attainable housing, and ubiquitous internet access. I’d collaborate with our local sustainability organizations to guide our county towards building a cleaner environment and strengthening our land and waterways for extreme weather and natural disasters.

I feel motivated and equipped to negotiate the public-private partnerships that will be essential in addressing many of our current and future challenges. I have government leadership experience (as an Army Ranger Officer) and private business experience (as a small business owner). After my military service, I earned Masters Degrees in Public Policy and Business Administration from Harvard University. I’m hungry to use my education and experiences to serve the people of Nashville.

I have tremendous energy and enthusiasm for this city. I was born here, educated here, played sports here, and started a local food business here. I know the neighborhoods. I work the farmers markets. I partner with our local restaurants, shops, and small businesses. I love the people here. This is home.

I would be grateful for your vote.

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