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Republican presidential candidates showing their true colors

by William T. Robinson, Jr
William T. Robinson, Jr.

Maybe it just me, but how many times have you felt you were living in the Twilight Zone, awaiting to be woken and given a glimpse of sanity. This is how I felt while watching our Republican presidential candidates debate, especially when eight out of 10 of them said they would support Donald Trump if he were selected as the Republican presidential nominee. It made me wonder how far some people have departed from anything close to decency or morality. Heaven helps us.

These presidential candidates are supposed to be running for the highest office in the country, but they don’t seem to be ashamed to show they don’t possess any moral conscience when it comes to Donald Trump. But regardless of their support for Trump, I feel Americans as a whole are tired of politicians blatantly manifesting a lack of ethics and morals. I still believe integrity means a lot to many Americans.

We teach our young children to be law abiding citizens and refrain from lying and being dishonest, but are choosing to willingly overlook the shortcomings of Trump and other politicians who have made a mockery of our criminal justice system. What a double standard! Our children are not so gullible that they cannot see for themselves the web of deception we are weaving.

We see citizens going to jail and prison who have committed lesser crimes than some of our high-profile politicians. It makes one wonder if these politicians feel so comfortable with their acts of deceit, malfeasance and immorality, because it will be accepted by a nation that reeks with so many iniquities. Immorality has become commonplace.

How could we, as nation, trust anyone when our former president made questionable concessions and illicit deals for self-gain, despite what is in the best interests of the country? Appeasing certain esoteric groups is not what democracy is about. You would have thought that we would have learned form past experiences that we need a leader who is dedicated to bringing the majority of the people together, not dividing them. Politicians (Republicans and Democrats) whose game plans primarily consist of demonizing the opposing party, are losing validity. You can find major shortcoming and flaws in both the major parties.

The truth for Americans is that the playing field from which we have to choose is so flawed that we are forced to pick what we feel is the least of all the evils presented. That is not saying much, but it is the reality for so many voters. It makes one wonder if we are really looking for someone to unite the people of this country or are we being played by the two major parties that many feel are really in bed together.

Making the public believe we are so diametrically opposed to each other could be a diversion by the two main political parties. Then we won’t realize we have more in common than we realize. Perhaps the two parties are basically the same and supporting each other behind closed doors. This shouldn’t be surprising when politicians often vote in unison on anything that would benefit themselves, even when denying the public the same benefits they approved for themselves. This may explain why so many politicians become wealthy while in office.

The Republican presidential candidates should not be surprised when their integrity is questioned after they still rationalize the behavior of supporting Donald Trump’s presidency—unless, of course,  they lack any type of a moral compass at all. Even if you think Trump has the business savvy to run this country, should we overlook the true picture he has portrayed over and over again?

Make no mistake, Trump is a megalomaniac, a compulsive liar, a racist, an insurrectionist, and has been accused of many acts of sexual misconduct. Are these characteristics suitable for the leader of our country? Evidently, most of the Republican presidential candidates can justify overlooking these gross iniquities. Can the majority of the Americans voters overlook or support any candidate who can truly dismiss Trumps’ behavior?  Please put our country first over political party. Our country deserves better.

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