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The Lord alone is God”

Bishop-Elect Dr. Monterey D. Lee, Sr.

“The Lord alone is God! He created the heavens and made a world for His people to live in, instead of creating an empty desert. The Lord alone is God; there is no other,” Isaiah 45:18-19.

The Lord did not speak in a dark secret place or command Jacob’s descendants to search for Him in vain. The Lord spoke the truth.

As the Lord God, He made a promise and His faithfulness is true. Whatever you do, don’t forget or doubt the Lord. You will not have to be uncertain when it comes to His word or His righteousness for your life. He is Jehovah and does not lie. He has declared Himself to be the Creator of the world. His truth will reveal His purpose for your life. He did not create the world in vain or ‘tohu’—Hebrew for an empty place. He created a world for His sons and daughters who would go forth and do His will by keeping true fellowship with Him as Father and Creator. All He asks of you is to remember Him for what He has done for you. Worship Him as Creator. As He created the world, He made you the foundation of all things. It is for you to enjoy. Jehovah is the Creator. Do not look to idols when you know there are no other gods. He made the heavens, the earth, its inhabitants, and has promised His love will be manifested to all mankind. He gave His blessing for you and your descendants. He gave His people Cyrus who made sure that His people returned back home. When others see His restoration, they will become converted and live in His service for perfect freedom.

Do not worship idols or idolic gods, including:

  • Baal [bool] — the god of fertility and weather [rain and storms].
  • Astarte [a-star-de] — goddess of war and sexual love.
  • Asherah [ass-she-ra} — The wife of God [Yahweh]. She had her own prophets and was a part of the ancient Babylonian religion.
  • Chemosh [kim-mush] — the god of the Moabites. This god’s focus was war and destruction.
  • Dagon [day-gen] — the god of bounty and one of the oldest demon lords. We will have much grief from him.
  • Moloch [mar-lick] — the god of child sacrifice, a pagan god.
  • Tammuz [tim-mus] — the god of new life, seasonal death and rebirth of crops.

God told the Israelites: ‘You built alters to worship these gods and goddesses as a sign of pagan worship. The gods the children of Israel worship are the enemies of our soul, because sacrifices were made to theses gods. Look to Me and all that I have and will do for you. I will save you [Israel] and destroy Babylon. I will be your redeemer and will blot out all of your sins. You will have a new Jerusalem. So whatever you do don’t be a godless people, because you know that I am God. Listen to Me, northern Kingdom of Israel; listen to Me, southern Kingdom of Judah: I am your God. To every survivor from every nation: gather around Me! Learn how senseless it is to worship wooden idols or pray to helpless gods. I am the only God! No others are real, I will bring about justice, and I have the power to save you. I invite the whole world to turn to Me and be saved. I alone am God! No other are real. My salvation is for everyone. As God, I will make it clear that My people will be in place for the whole world to see and come to know Me as Creator. I have sworn by Myself. The word has gone out of My mouth in righteousness, and shall not return—unto Me, every knee shall bow; every tongue shall worship Me as Lord. I invite the whole world to turn to Me and be saved. I alone am God! No others are real.’

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