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‘Cancer: My Journey in Time’ (part 170)

Finding joy in new beginnings

by Wanda Clay
Rev. Fuzz baptizes Vanderbilt student at Corinthian Missionary Baptist Church.

Rev. Enoch Fuzz, pastor of Corinthian Missionary Baptist Church, baptized a 20-year-old Vanderbilt student on September 24, only a week before his great celebration. With all that happens around us each day, it is a joy to know that there are still new births.

These are new beginnings just as the clock turns in a 24-hour span. A new day dawns to offer new mercies, with a new outlook, and another chance to make good on things in life. New beginnings come after 12 months on a calendar to mark a ‘new’ year and all that can be expected of that year.

To be baptized, submerged into the water, and coming up prayerfully as ‘a new creature’ is the ultimate new birthing. To celebrate one’s date of birth as each year passes is a great celebration and opportunity for a new beginning. To be recognized for 50 years preaching in ministry and 42 years as a pastor is a joy as it marks a time of what can be considered a new beginning.

As we go through the different seasons, we are offered new opportunities for a rebirth of our choosing as there are so many facets of life. Rev. Enoch Fuzz is offered a new beginning each day as he continues on his journey with stage four lung cancer.  Rev. Fuzz has been steadfast in prayers and in ministry as his battle sometimes leads to maintaining his life in new and different ways.

It was indeed an honor to celebrate Rev. Fuzz’s life in ministry and his birthday on October 1 (the first day beginning a new month). Readers are encouraged to look for the next upcoming issue as we share some photos of that eventful day as a special tribute in his honor. It is a great joy to express love and appreciation for a person who continues to be renewed, restored, and revived by giving the same opportunities through baptism to young, impressionable souls and members of his church—as well as extraordinary support to his community.

Keep praying and supporting. And thank God for another birthday. Rev. Fuzz offers prayers to each reader as well for their healing, celebrations, and life.

Continue to watch for Rev. Fuzz’s posts on Meta and be informed and encouraged by reading the weekly column ‘Cancer: My Journey in Time.’

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