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God will do it

by PRIDE Newsdesk
Bishop-Elect Dr. Monterey D. Lee, Sr.

“Useless gods cannot save you from your troubles. They cannot answer your questions. Remember this, and do not forget it! Think about these things, you who have turned [transgressed] against God. Remember what happened long ago, the former things of old. Remember that I am God, and besides Me there is no other. I am God, and there is none like Me. Declaring the end from the beginning, I told you what would happen in the end. A long time ago [in ancient times] I told you that things would happen, but it has not happen yet. When I plan something, it happens. My counsel shall stand, What I want to do, I will do, for it is My pleasure for I am God,” Isaiah 46:7b-10.

Israel was tempted to waver between the Lord God and heathenism, i.e., should we worship God the Creator, or should we assume what we are already doing—idol worship?’ Isaiah affirms the power of the Lord God the Creator. God is unique in His knowledge and in His control of the future. His consistent purpose is to carry you and to give you His plans for your life.

If you are tempted to pursue anything other than God the Creator, think on this: there are no promises, no pleasures, no comforts, no peace, and no security from God. If you waver, you lose. Don’t lose out, but look to the Lord God for righteousness and salvation. Your senseless and helpless idols can’t save you. When you look to them, you men of Israel, you look to abomination for you are not faithful to the Lord God the Creator. Avoid heathenism, paganism, pagan religion, neopaganism, and idolatry. They are pagan core beliefs that will remove you from the very presence of God. God said, ‘Look to Me and let Me move in your life. For what I have planned for you it will happen. What I have for you, it will come to pass. I will make it happen for you. It will not happen unless I say it will happen. It will come to pass. Remember, God said, ‘I will do it.’

“I am calling a man [Cyrus] from the east to carry out My plan; he will come like a hawk from a far country. I will make what I have said come true; I will do what I have planned. Listen to Me, you stubborn people, who are far away from righteousness, far away from what is right. I will soon do the things that are right. I will bring salvation soon. I will save Jerusalem and bring glory to Israel,” Isaiah 46:11-13.

This word was placed in my spirit as I was praying and preparing myself to bring forth the Holy word of God.

‘I will do it.’

This is all I heard from the Lord: ‘I will do it,’ so I asked God the question, ‘What will You do?’ I needed some clarity on this word that He released into my spirit. There are the three words in the three verses that were read this morning.

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