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Rev. Enoch Fuzz celebrates birthday, ministry, and pastorship

by Wanda Clay

by Wanda Clay and Dr. Rachel Thomas

Rev. Enoch Fuzz brings dancing in the street to the celebration of his birthday! Following a morning worship service in appreciation of 42 years in ministry and 50 years of preaching, members, friends, family, city officials, and the community gathered under a beautiful setup in the parking lot to celebrate. Rev. Fuzz was greeted with gifts, words of encouragement, gratitude, and endless deeds of love.

As a part of Rev. Fuzz’s journey with cancer, a special tribute was written in dedication to his medical journey and what it has meant to others with the following words from Dr. Rachel Thomas:

“Medicine was my passion, my dream, my mission field where God placed this fire inside to always do the right thing—to stand and fight for my patients and their families. Everything in life occurs due to providence and not about luck or coincidence. During this 23-year journey, I had the privilege to meet Rev. Enoch Fuzz. His first remark to me was about me being short. In reality, he didn’t wear glasses that day to see I was the tall Dr Thomas—LOL. I immediately admired his vision and mission to serve. In a world full of pastors who care about mega churches, he had a mega heart and love for people, to serve them, and above all God.

“I am just a part of his life’s story because God placed me at Nashville General Hospital (NGH) at that moment in time to be his hands and feet for the God we serve—to fight for a pastor who fought for everyone. I am not a billionaire, just a humble servant of God who would like to say that when you think or question God, look at Rev. Fuzz. God places us in darkness to be the light. He saves, protects, and allows no weapon to form against those who love Him. Oncologists can say you have one year to live, six months, or whatever, but only God knows when we will take our last breath. We live in a society to please the world and not God. When we walk with God through the storms of life, He will give us peace.

“I am grateful that God gave him strength. Enoch Fuzz walked with God during his test of fighting cancer, and it will be his strongest testimony. For me as a physician, it is a greater privilege because I couldn’t be with my mom when she died. But God made sure I was always there with those who didn’t have anyone around them during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“In honor of Rev Fuzz giving me the privilege to take care of him, I am starting a scholarship fund under his name. We will select five TSU students to receive $1,000 each. Also, to honor my mom and dad, there will be another $1,000 for five more students. I want our parent’s legacies to live on so generations can remember what God did for you and them.

“Rev. Fuzz, your family (including your sisters, brothers, daughter, son-in-law, and grandson) will be blessed for generations to come. He will bless you and will have his face shine upon you and your family—always.”


Dr. Thomas

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