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Becoming woke is a choice

by William T. Robinson, Jr
William T. Robinson, Jr.

We live in a world where we are continuously fed lies and manipulated by the very ones we were taught to trust. Most of us are nothing but mere puppets, willingly adhering to those using us to fulfill their self-serving agendas promoting power, wealth, and mass control. Our government, educational system, media, and big business corporations are tools used by the powers at hand to tactfully and subliminally subjugate the public.  We are forced to distrust trust each other and to turn on anyone who offers us a glimpse of the falsified state we exist in.

I would argue that perpetuating fear that brings about divisiveness is one of ‘their’ most successful ways of operating. We the public cannot begin to fathom the depth of devious malicious plots to keep us ‘asleep.’ These deceivers of truth are not guided by any moral compass and literally laugh at those who are.  

African Americans are quite aware of attempts by those obsessed with trying to dilute, banish, or hide the truth relating to Black History, especially as it relates to the treatment of Blacks since their arrival in this country. But we are continuously denied the truth of World Black history that would expose the myths fostered and fed to others, denying Blacks of their great and worldwide contributions to civilization. 

It would be a game changer for everyone if the truth was taught. Blacks would have a greater appreciation of who they truly are, resulting in more love and respect for each other. Whites would make amends for some of the horrendous things they have done to Blacks as we go forward. However, ironically, we are told by the gatekeepers of lies and deception that the truth would feed hate.

Most African Americans will emphatically disagree that teaching the truth fosters hate. Do you feel teaching the truth about the Holocaust teaches the Jews to hate Germans? They just don’t want the world to forget about this catastrophe, so it will never happen again.

Of course there will be some Whites who may feel guilty, but they are not responsible for the actions of their ancestors (although they may be benefiting from generational wealth and inherent privileges and entitlements). I would imagine, in acknowledging the wrongdoings of the past, Whites and others would be in a better position to make amends and operate in good faith going forward. 

Many people (especially people with a history of enslavement and practiced dehumanization) find it unacceptable and extremely arrogant and self-serving for Whites to ban, omit or dilute history to cushion themselves from feeling guilty of the heinous treatment of others. Banning or whitewashing serves no purpose but to help in continuing the practice of racism that has allowed White dominance to be so pervasive.

The entitlements and privileges inherently afforded to Whites would be more adequately addressed with atonement in the form of reparations to descendants of those enslaved. Our historic mistreatment would be better understood if the truth were finally taught.  Acknowledging one’s wrongdoing is crucial to recovery and going forward and will lead to meaningful and productive progress for all. 

The meaning of being ‘woke’ may be highjacked and manipulated in the rhetoric of self-serving, radical politicians to appease certain groups and promote divisiveness. But how can you re-make awakening to the truth and embracing the light a negative practice promoting hate? We must be leery of those adamant about putting a negative spin on being woke. Being woke makes us aware of the good and bad, the mistakes and victories, and the lies and truths encompassing our past and present lives, so that it is a teachable moment going forward.  

It is very unlikely that our government and Eurocentric institutions will willingly teach the public the truth; therefore, it is encumbered upon conscientious, critical thinkers to find and expose the truth and share it with those who are not afraid of the light. But the venture to share the truth is only for brave and courageous people willing to die, since there are forces seeking to keep the masses mentally imprisoned who have a history of stealing, killing and destroying to stay in control.

No one should have the right to deprived you of knowing your true history. You have a choice to be woke or continue to be manipulated. But remember the old adage: ‘The truth will set you free.’      

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