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Gun safety: Operation ‘Rac It Up’

by Dr. E. Faye Williams
Dr. E. Faye Williams

(TriceEdneyWire.com) — With so many innocent children being killed during the past couple of years, I have begun paying greater attention to guns in homes where children find access to them and some even take them to school. 

At a meeting of the World Conference of Mayors, I met a gentleman who talked about a way to prevent these useless tragedies, and he has been introducing ‘

’ to many people. The overall objective of Operation RAC IT UP is to reduce gun violence through investments in education and prevention measures. That is what this invention does. The person who introduced the RAC to me was William McMurray from Detroit, Michigan. I am pleased to say he is a Black American, but the RAC was created for everyone in need of gun security.  While he is the inventor of this gun security system people of all races are seeing the value of it and the urgent need for the American RAC.  At the same time, I met him, I met his family (many of whom work in the company; his invention of The RAC is a family affair) but recently it has grown beyond his family. 

Through the program, Team RAC and its community partners provide an instant and practical take-home solution which includes ‘The RAC’ for a safe storage device. The RAC comes with free installation and free educational resources. If you have children, you need to learn more about The RAC. The company provides information that informs both firearm owners and community leaders of the impact of firearms and the responsibility each one of us has in keeping our communities safe. In partnership with non-profits and community organizations, the company teaches firearm owners how to properly store their firearms in their vehicles, homes, and businesses safely.

One key feature of the program gives firearm owners the tools they need to secure their firearms when not in use and stresses the importance of storing firearms responsibly. Another key feature of the program focuses on teaching children how to avoid firearms and alert an adult immediately of their curiosity. The program is comprehensive and fact-driven and its design is based on the needs of the community.

Additionally, the company plans to provide referrals to alternative outlets that can prevent senseless violence. These outlets include Moms Demand Action, Be Smart, recreational facilities, community service programs, community centers, etc. The commitment and involvement of local organizations is critical to the program’s success.

Once the firearms are locked up using ‘The RAC,’ the goal is to try and prevent people from unlocking their RAC and using their firearms in anger.

The company lobbies for safe storage laws such as the CAP Law and California Compliance. This should interest legislators and elected officials.  Many mayors, among the membership of the World Conference of Mayors, have already adopted The RAC.

In partnership with elected officials and others, the company wants to lobby for safe storage laws such as the CAP Law and California Compliance. Child Access Prevention Laws hold people accountable for storing a gun unsafely in a manner that makes it likely that a minor could access it, regardless of whether the minor gained access or used the firearm to harm themselves or others. Mr. McMurray says: “We believe the most effective safe storage law will require gun locks and a pamphlet on gun safety to be included with every point of sale for gun purchases. This would apply to sales through gun dealers and private gun sales.

The American RAC and its community partners want to follow up on the new safe storage laws and ensure firearms are being securely stored. Through Operation RAC It Up, the company provides free installation of The RAC for those wanting to ensure they’re doing everything properly.

Gun safety is urgently important, and the RAC is worth looking into. 

(For more information, see <www.theAMERICANRAC.com>.)

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