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Is integrity in politics irreverent?

by William T. Robinson, Jr
William T. Robinson, Jr.

The growing discontent many citizens have with Congress shouldn’t be surprising. This disenchantment may have grown even larger with the recent election of Louisiana Republican, Mike Johnson, as Speaker of the House. This was a position that Ohio’s Republican Congressman, Jim Jordan, sought with a vengeance. But after several votes, Jordan was unable to secure the vote of enough Republicans. While many feel we dodged a bullet by not electing Jim Jordan, a staunch conservative who many say is a Trump clone, some don’t see Mike Johnson as much more credible if one looks at his past record on national issues.

The most troubling issue when considering Mike Johnson as the Republican Speaker of the House is his refusal to admit that the 2020 presidential election wasn’t stolen or fraudulent after all facts state otherwise. When we have elected officials refusing to acknowledge true facts, we must question their credibility in representing the American people. One must understand that Mike Johnson’s position makes him second in line for the President of the United States. Thus far, he hasn’t shown he is willing to be honest and upfront with the American public. Having elected officials unwilling to admit the truth is disturbing.

It appears that one’s loyalty to one’s political party is heralded by some extremists as a badge of honor—even if the position taken is extremely unpopular, damaging and keeping the country in turmoil. The American public is too often the victim, losing out on legislation that could benefit the masses in the long run. The truth is we have some elected renegade politicians more concerned about presenting an ostentatious ‘front’ for their party than working with all members of Congress to better serve the American people. Doing the right thing should supersede loyal to one’s party.

Integrity for doing what you know is the right thing should count for something. But many politicians know they are dead wrong in their contentious, unpopular positions. Yet they bombard the public with rhetoric, trying to justify their position. This oppositional stance is prevalent in all political parties, although we are seeing it play out more in the Republican party (which many people feel is on life support). Radical or extremist factions within both political parties are holding the parties hostage, and impeding progress needed for the country to go forward. It is unfortunate that we have a handful of blatantly disrespectful demagogues spewing divisive rhetoric catering to their perspective support groups.

Make no mistake, the Trump Movement has brought out the worse that this country has to offer by normalizing disrespect, lies and immorality all in the name of winning—whatever the cost. Trump has made once diabolically unacceptable vices into qualities to be applauded and admired by a growing number of unethical, worldly, and materialistic followers. The message he is teaching is ‘winning is paramount, whatever the cost’ and to never admit defeat, even when you’re wrong. Maybe the indictment shouldn’t be upon the political reprobates, but upon people so willingly eager to support unethical, immoral behaviors.

Common sense dictates that we come to the conclusion that this behavior will not decease until the masses say ‘enough is enough’ and hold those accountable with fines—and vote them out of office. As a country we deserve better. How can we attempt to teach our young children about honesty, morality, love, respect and working together when we, as adults, fail to adhere to these virtues?

Wearing hypocrisy doesn’t sit well with everyone, and it isn’t something you can hide. Having the moral courage to do the right thing should be applauded and rewarded—not touted as a weakness. While some say unprincipled behavior is the accepted practice of the future, don’t be so quick to throw integrity out the window. I believe in the American people and I truly believe there are enough decent, God-fearing Americans willing to fight to demand integrity in our government.

Regardless of what we are being led to believe and accept by those harboring hate, division, and lack of ethics, we must realize and acknowledge that God is still in control and He will have the final say. In conclusion, you can deduct that the lack of integrity in our elected politicians is a sure sign of our spiraling downfall as a nation. There is no debating that integrity and virtue is God-sanctioned and pleasing in His sight. It shouldn’t be open for compromise.

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