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It's All in Him (Part 6)

Bishop-Elect Dr. Monterey D. Lee, Sr.

“Let this mind be in you, which was also in CHRIST JESUS.  Philippians 2:5

When we spend time with Christ we will have His mind, knowing the will of God for our lives, and living  a victorious life. Let’s continue to in the Him with the next move of God.

7. Stop looking for validation and knowledge God in you. Declare yourself, If you need people to accept you or to confirmed you, you will only be a people pleaser and not a true person to yourself and others. For your doing only what needs to be done to meet the approval of others not to win in life the blessings of God. Believe in yourself and take God with you in every thing you do.

8. Be Committed, through commitment you can gain motivation to pursue success. Include yourself  in achieving great goals for life. Staying committed is crucial, it will keep you fresh and focus. Rather focusing on the results take the steps to achieve success in God.

9. You are a conduit (channel) for change, change is the law of life and those of us who know it and do it are certain to have a bright future. Our focus is not the past, but the present. As powerful people we step to the forefront, and the front of the line, to get things done. With out change, growth is not possible. This is why we have a special ability,we are on the cutting edge for the blessing of God is upon us for this is our assignment from God to do what needs to be done. For it is the will of God for our life. Your life is about building, strengthening, and making life better. You don’t have a take over spirit, you have a take charge spirit. We don’t waste time we get it done and done right. Do, it and get it done for the GLORY OF GOD. When God sees that your work is for His Glory, God will give you the victory. We do what we have been assigned to do for the glory of God, and we move out of the way and watch God place His hands on us, and His stamp of approval to make it even greater that’s say you are victorious in Me. Do your part and watch God make it greater.

10. Succeed on purpose, do what you do on purpose. Godly people are more gifted than ungodly people. The work that we do is the will of God’s Devine purpose for our life. We are created to accomplish more in a day, than most people do in a  lifetime. We have great work practices and there is a guarantee that we are going to reach the goal for we come in Jesus Name. We live in a created structure environment that says the Kingdom of God. A structured environment describe and conditioned under which we learn, grow, develop, and understand what is expected of us. You know your specific tasks that is expected of you in a certain order, and at a certain time for it is the timing of God. You have clear thanking to focus on what’s important, you are reminded by the Holy Spirit on what to do and how to do it. It’s not a unstructured environment, it’s a created structure environment that says this is the will of God for your life.

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