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Man’s consequences from his descent from God

by William T. Robinson, Jr
William T. Robinson, Jr.

Sweltering is the heat from the sun scorching the land, and at times burning all in sight

Only laughing at the attempts of man, as he futilely puts up an uphill fight

Thunderous are the deafening storms, that causes catastrophic devastation to our lands

These are natural forces, that are constantly being unleashed on  man

Quivering is the land, shaking and swallowing homes and buildings on its route

Man has no control of quieting its rampage, or the pain and suffering that comes about

Overlapping are the waters, that relentlessly inundates our cities and towns

These waters come from the sky or melting icy places, and seems to have no bounds

 Some say these natural disasters plaguing us, are brought on because of man’s descent from God

Let’s hope man wakes up in time and repent, and hope it’s not too late to start

But is man deaf or blind or too arrogant in his quest to take credit, for what God has done alone?

He refuses to believe he may have brought about God’s wrath, and refuses to atone

So don’t be surprise or wonder what is coming, or what waits for man in time

How can you forsake our Almighty Father, and think it not the greatest crime?

So, we can continue to follow man in his pursuit, to forsake God and wear the crown

Or submit to the will of God, for it is the best solution that can be found

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