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Open dialogue needed concerning conflict between Israelis, Palestinians

by William T. Robinson, Jr
William T. Robinson, Jr.

The recent events in the nation of Israel against the Jews by Hamas have left many people alarmed and angry. But the truth for so many people is that they are truly confused and don’t know what is really going on, because they can only go by what the news media projects—which many claim to be bias, favoring the Jews over the Palestinians.  Please do not try to hijack this article claiming it is anti-Semitic. I am only trying to articulate what so many people feel, not knowing the whole scenario that’s causing so much tension and hate between the Jews and Palestinians in that region.

Hate should not be an option in the pursuit of bringing about peace, a peace that should benefit all. This peace will require a coming together at the table and negotiating to prevent the continuing loss of lives. Everyone should be able to agree a solution is warranted. 

Hamas is said by many to be an extremist, terrorist group claiming to represent the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip. The group is supposed to have come about after they ousted the Palestinian Authority, because of that group’s inability in negotiating rights for the Palestinians and the continued expansion of Israeli occupation. It is stated that Hamas wants to destroy Israel and replace it with an Islamic state.

While Hamas claims they are acting in the interest of the Palestinians, their actions and merciless, heinous tactics are beyond inhuman and frankly are ungodly. Kidnapping innocent civilians and using their own people as shields in their warfare is inexcusable and unholy. But some Palestinians would argue that the Israeli government is just as ruthless in their persecution of Palestinians.

Many are quick to conclude that Hamas is doing the Palestinians a grave injustice. Depending on who you are listening to, the same may be said about inhuman treatment by the Israeli government towards the Palestinians who are under Israel’s sovereignty. Many claim the Palestinians are denied basic, human civil rights. 

What seems to be puzzling to many is all the media attention seeming to focus on the damage done to the Israelis, while minimizing any sympathy for the thousands of innocent Palestinian civilians being killed. Can we surmise that all Palestinians support Hamas? Some people are just casualties in a war in which they have no say and do not support.

There are so many questions needing to be answered by each group concerning their personal perspective of what is right or wrong. Wouldn’t a peaceful, worldwide forum with representatives from both sides (Israelis and Palestinians) be welcomed to bringing about better understanding and a solution that benefits both sides?

This is a complex conflict of ownership, surfacing after thousands of years over land of historic and religious significance for Muslims and Jews. It is also significant for Christians.  

People are taking sides based on narratives from the two opposing groups to decipher the credibility of who is right or wrong. One would have to personally study the history of the Middle East region where conflicts and wars have endured for thousands of years.

In 1948 the nation of Israel was established by actions initiated by the United Nations with the support of the United States. It is speculated that this move may have come out of guilt after the world watched as six million Jews were exterminated in Nazi gas chambers during the Holocaust.

Some conclude Christian Zionists favored the move as part of fulfilling God’s promise to Abraham in the Bible of a permanent Jewish homeland. In the process of establishing the state of Israel as the Jewish homeland, many Palestinians were forced to vacate their homes, uprooting their lives, properties and businesses without compensation. This is one of the major factors initiating anger and hatred by the Palestinians toward the Israelis.

Both sides may assume fault in their inability to resolve this conflict. The details of what is false or what is true depends on who you choose to listen to. That is why a world debate or forum would be welcomed to combat lies or untruths, making it possible to help us all understand the conflict and aid in reaching a peaceful agreement that both groups can live with. 

But no one can argue that the terroristic, merciless killing of thousands of innocent civilians on both sides is not sanctioned by God.  However, some are quick to say this conflict is prophecy being fulfilled. I would like to believe the world, as a whole, is praying for a solution that both sides can accept.

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