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Making a difference in 2024

by William T. Robinson, Jr
William T. Robinson, Jr.

We are approaching a new year with promise and possibilities that can make a profound difference in years to come. Each year we make resolutions to personally reach goals to better ourselves, but perhaps our greatest emphasis in 2024 should be this: What, as individuals, are we going to do to save this country that we profess to love? Our democracy is under attack, and we are leaning towards being morally bankrupt as a country.

Our projectory and the outcome of the forthcoming year will depend on the actions of those who are not asleep and recognize that we are heading in a direction of no return. If we don’t take action and adhere to the will of God, all may be lost. Our love affair for the things of this world and desire for instant gratification have numbed our minds to what is most important: adhering to God’s will.

Let’s make no mistake, in all honesty this country and the world as a whole are in dire need of a major change to correct the ills and inequities of men and governing bodies that seem to be out of control. I am referring to self-serving people with no moral compass making questionable decisions with little if any backlash from the public.   

The masses need to remove the veils from their faces and hold those governing our lives accountable. We have legislatures making decisions that we know are immoral. They cater to big businesses and special interest groups at the expense of what is in the best interests of the general public. Two thousand and twenty-four must be the year we decide to salvage any aspect of decency we have left and start cleaning house by letting the predators know their reign is coming to an end.

Those leading us astray are not going to willing do the right thing. They need to be eliminated from their positions of power and abuse. Hopefully, there will be a record number of voters showing up at the polls this year to reclaim our dignity, respect, and morality.  

Those of us who supported certain reigns of immoral renegades making a spectacle of decency and respect bordering on racism, should do a personal inventory and decide is their allegiance is to man or God. Doing the right thing, exhibiting love and respect for one’s brother, shouldn’t be so hard for so many of us who profess to be Christians. Some so called leaders are soliciting and catering to the worst vices. We, as human beings, should recognize the dangers of the vices of lies, racism, division, hate, hostility and blatant disrespect.

We have legislators refusing to adhere to the will of masses. They legislate away the basic rights of freedom of choice as human beings and refuse to administer strict gun legislation to minimize or stop the mass slaughtering of innocent adults and children. There are those who want to ban books they personally disapprove of—as if the public is incapable of having minds of their own. 

Common sense dictates that elected officials who refuse to admit the last election wasn’t stolen, or that Jan. 6, 2022 wasn’t a resurrection spearheaded by Trump are not fit to honestly lead the people of this country. Do we want to be led by liars and public servants who defy the truth and don’t have the backbone or integrity to admit when they are wrong? I would think not.

We have an obligation to acknowledge the bad as well as the good, or gross inequities within our system will continue as the status quo. This next year will be pivotal for those who value democracy, truth, justice, equality and respect. We must make an indisputable statement at the polls. I believe that we have enough good people willing to take a much-needed move to retain our democracy.

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