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Thank You Martin

by William T. Robinson, Jr
Dr. King during a 1964 press conference. (photo is public domain)

Thank you, Martin Luther King Jr., the world misses you so
The fight you led against discrimination and segregation, helped our nation grow
Destined to fight the vestiges of racism, hatred, and gloom
Only to make an exit from this world, too quick and way too soon

Refusing to adhere to practices, that treated you less than a man
Youn rallied for oppressed people, to get off their knees and stand
Violence and hate were tools, you never used in your arsenal
You knew that with unconditional love, that victory was possible

However, hard and painful, the struggle you had to endure
You kept your movement clean and righteous, that time would claim as pure
Leading a movement that with God’s blessing, would be victorious and prevail
To fight with love and clean hearts, against what seem to be the Gates of Hell

A soldier for justice and righteousness, you inspired others to follow as you led the way
What greater sacrifice to give the world, than with your life you pay?
So, time will forever honor your memory, for the hate and injustice you fought
And heaven above is now your new home, that your spilled blood on Earth has bought

You made a significant difference, bringing people to unite and join hands
Regardless of the threats from heartless malicious forces, with self-serving plans
In the end this country and the world is a better place, for everyone to live
You showed the world it’s not what you say, but in what you are willing to give

Time will forever hold you in high esteem, for the ultimate sacrifice you paid
But better yet, you will be remembered, by true progress that is made
A legend for the entire world to emulate, because it was you that helped set the pace
That one day, we can all sit at the table to break bread, as one united race
A poem by William T. Robinson Jr.

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