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Here we go again!

by Dr. E. Faye Williams
Dr. E. Faye Williams

<TriceEdneyWire.com> — Just when we thought things were getting better around the world, and at home, some of the craziest stuff raised its ugly head not to resolve problems, but to create more.

We were heavily impacted by the Israeli-Hamas tragedy. Our hearts were broken for friends caught up in a tragedy they didn’t create. Yet we find ourselves sadly impacted by what happened in Israel and the Israeli response. We were already in disbelief about how much a former president of the U.S. could get away with as we try to teach our children how our democracy should be working, and how they should stay out of trouble. Then along comes a former president showing the worst of behavior. He disrespects all women, and now Black men. I would ask Black men who are said to be flocking to the side of Donald Trump to reconsider and think about what a disgrace that is, if true. Black women work so hard for all of our people.

Attorney General Letitia James makes us proud every day for the way she has been handling the case about the despicable way the orange man disrespects her as she works to uphold the law. We should be honoring her for what she is faced with as the trial goes on.

Look at the case against our brilliant sister, Claudine Gay, former president of Harvard University for a brief time, and what happened to her as she sat before a hostile Congress treating her more like a criminal than the acts on which they defend Trump. I was horrified by the disrespect shown to Dr. Gay and the other women college presidents listening to Ms. Stefanik. Her rude manner was hard to believe.  I had to turn her off to breathe for a while.

Let’s move to Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin. He’s been commanded to appear to explain how dare he get sick and not personally get out of his hospital bed to get permission to take care of his health. Even if it’s a law that a sick person has to follow, it must be changed so that the appropriate staff can make the call to interested parties. I can’t imagine how a woman in charge could have an emergency miscarriage and have to say to the doctor, “Wait, I have to call my boss first!” We must have rules, but they should make sense—especially in case of emergencies. Instead of taking time to heal, he’s having to defend himself because of his “failure to notify key government leaders of his recent hospitalization!” Give me a break! Is he the only person who can call appropriate officials?

DA Willis dares to get the truth for the people about Trump. What happens when she does her job so well that she gets investigated with attempts to destroy her? Gov. Brian Kemp has opted against a criminal investigation into her private life. This decision comes amidst allegations of Willis’ personal life. Who is Greene to decide on an adult relationship? Is she just frustrated that her husband recently filed for a divorce from her?

Greene’s time would be better spent helping the Capitol Police investigate the 8,000 threats against Congress in the past year. I’m standing with DA Willis and supporting her right to have a personal life so long as she follows the law in doing her work.

Can we point a finger at AG James, Dr. Gay, Secretary Austin, or DA Willis while defending a man with over 90 charges and promises to be a dictator? Vote for the right reason and the right person this November. Think about how women and minorities are constantly having to fight for basic human rights while the orange man works against us and threatens to do the same if he is reelected!

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