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Tennessee Democrats electing delegates to 2024 Democratic Presidential Convention

by PRIDE Newsdesk
This year’s Democratic National Convention will be held in Chicago.

In preparation for the 2024 Democratic National Convention (DNC), the filing process for those seeking to become delegates to the 2024 Democratic Presidential Convention opened on January 9. The Tennessee Democratic Party Executive Committee will also elect DNC members for the term beginning August 23.

The four‐step process to become a district delegate to the Presidential Convention is outlined below:

  • Register to vote in the March 5 primary (deadline: February 5)
  • File the Declaration of Candidacy at <www.tndp.org/delegateselection> (deadline: March 7)
  • Vote in the March 5 Presidential Primary
  • Attend your local County Convention on March 16 and be selected at your Congressional Convention on April 6.

“This is a vital process that ensures that our Tennessee Delegation represents the many diverse Democratic voters of Tennessee. This includes women and men from all communities: people of color, voters with disabilities, the LGBTQ community, youth and others,” said party officials.

The full Delegate Selection Plan can be viewed on the TNDP’s website at <www.tndp.org/delegateselection>. This plan formally describes how the TNDP will select its delegates to represent the state at the convention to be held in Chicago, Ill., during the week of August 19-22. Questions may be submitted by email to the Delegate Selection Plan manager at <delegateselectionplan@tndp.org> or contact Maria Brewer, director of Party Affairs at 615-327-9779.

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