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Truth lies in looking in the mirror

by William T. Robinson, Jr
William T. Robinson, Jr.

Sad as it may be, Trump is the topic that refuses to be cancelled or ignored. It is apparent that he lavishes the attention he is able to generate with his disreputable actions and remarks. His supporters are the conduits that allow his madness to continue.     Don’t they realize they are catapulting what many consider to be a racist and habitual liar to celebratory status. His rabid followers consider him the ‘Great White Hope’ who will ‘Make America Great Again.’ Now you decipher what that means to you, because many Blacks and people of color see it as a racist and divisive statement, recalling a time when Jim Crow White supremacy reigned or even when Blacks were subjugated to slavery.

Sensitivity and empathy are not words in Trump’s vocabulary nor apparent with his supporters. One is led to believe that his supporters are living in an alternate universe where mankind’s greatest virtues are appalled and held as contemptible. It is just hard for many rational people to comprehend or digest how Trump has avoided incarceration when taking into consideration the multitude of serious charges alleged against him. One has to conclude that there must be an exception to the phrase ‘no man is above the law.’ As it stands, that exception is Donald Trump.

But let’s take time and divorce ourselves from concentrating on Trump per se and look at those who are his adamant supporters. Let’s even strip ourselves from any political party affiliation and honestly ask ourselves, through the eyes of God: is a man who is an immoral, habitual liar; a misogamist; and a megalomaniac the proper fit to lead our country? Only you, as an individual, can answer that question. Be mindful that whatever you see as right or wrong defines who you are. Do you like what you see? 

When you do a personal inventory of who you are and why you feel and act the way you do, the truth reveals itself. There’s a method to the madness as they say, and unfortunately America, as a nation, has played an indelible part in permeating one’s way of thinking and rationalizing. 

The true litmus test is revealed when you honestly ask yourself if a person of color could have gotten away with just an iota of the injustices manifested by Donald Trump. We all know the truth, whether we are honest enough to admit it or not. Any other person would be in a prison cell praying for daylight. Accepting Trump’s divisive rhetoric and actions has taken White privilege to another level and made a mockery of decency, justice, and democracy.  

Everyone has the right to their own opinions, but it seems that truth should not be an unwanted, irrelevant factor when making decisions—especially when we are considering those who are supposed to represent us. Dancing with whom some deem as the devil has it consequences.

There are those who say that the economy was booming and 401(k)s were flourishing under Trump’s reign; therefore, his maniacal and tyrannical behavior, while embarrassing, is tolerable. So much for a moral compass. Perhaps the saddest group supporting Trump are those who profess to be Christians. Their support of Trump displays the epitome of hypocrisy. No one is questioning your choice to be a Republican, but the choice to support Trump (an individual devoid of decency, truth and morality) is reprehensible. The truth lies in the mirror, but I wouldn’t be surprised if there are those who refuse to acknowledge what they see when looking in their mirrors. 

The best hope for our country and our democracy lies in re-evaluating yourself in that mirror and deciding to make any needed changes in order to make you the best person you can be. I desperately pray that the good in most of us can supersede the ugliness in those who refuse to adhere to the truth when starring straight in the mirror. The mirror doesn’t lie.

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