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Democrat messaging weak

by William T. Robinson, Jr
William T. Robinson, Jr.

This is an election year for the presidency of the United States of America, and how the candidates resonate with the public is important. That means the presidential candidates have to be literally sold to the public on what they have to offer this country. No matter how you feel about political parties, they play the most important role in promoting their candidates, whether good or bad.

We have all witnessed what many would concur is the weak messaging by the Democrats on promoting their candidate for president. If you are interested in the truth, you would have to admit Joe Biden has done a commendable job as president of this country in spite of criticism by the Republican Party pertaining to his handling of the southern border. This is a problem Republicans harper on, but have recently shown they are in no hurry to resolve, rejecting a bipartisan plan to help correct the problem—abiding by Trumps orders to use it as a platform for his run for president. 

Resolving this major problem would happen during Joe Biden’s Administration, and the Republicans do not want to give a Democratic president any credit or recognition—even if it is in the best interests of the country. Let’s face it, Republican lawmakers, as a whole, have proven they are relentless in their pursuits to degrade the current president—regardless of his accomplishments, which they refuse to acknowledge. They are adamant in their messaging of presenting Joe Biden as too old with a dwindling memory.

Some would argue the Democrats have done a poor job in promoting President Biden’s accomplishments and yet are allowing the Republicans to complain their candidate, former President Trump, is being unfairly railroaded and that he is innocent. They have the audacity to claim Trump is undergoing a political assassination by the Democrats while disregarding the facts that he has no moral compass and has indulged in nefarious activities that would render any other American with prison time. Spending an enormous amount of time defending Trump is a strategy to take away the gains this country has enjoyed under the leadership of President Joe Biden. 

The Democrats employ weak messaging by not emphatically highlighting Joe Biden’s accomplishments. This has allowed the Republicans to overshadow the media with their rhetoric on how Trump is being unfairly treated. The facts, whether you like it not, is that the economy is booming under Joe Biden’s Administration. He is responsible for the strongest economic recovery our country has ever seen.

Under Biden’s leadership, a record number of jobs has been created; the stock market is undergoing record highs; gas prices are down; student debt has been reduced or eliminated; an Executive Order protects access to reproductive healthcare services; the first meaningful gun violence reduction legislation was employed; and we have been able to avoid a major war. Regardless of these accomplishments, the Republicans refuse to acknowledge any of Biden’s achievements that benefits all the country. Surely you’d think Biden would be given credit for something—regardless of your political party affiliation. But I guess that is too much like ‘right.’ That’s just not how politics work for some politicians.

Democrats must make a stronger appeal to the decent people of this country on what direction we want this country to go in. They must fight relentlessly for what morality, truth, and justice this country has left. They must be loud and diligent in their messaging. Support for Trump will solidify this country as being morally defunct. Maybe the Democrats’ biggest problem is when the other party goes low, they don’t reciprocate effectively.

 This present administration has done a phenomenal job in spite of what some Republicans say. The country needs to know that. Democrats need to be louder and more intent on their messaging, because some people can’t hear them over Republican rhetoric, diversions and distractions.

Some voters may find faults in both candidates.  They feel they don’t have much of a choice and that they have to choose the best of the ‘two evils.’ That being the case, Biden should win hands down if you are spiritual with a moral compass and your loyalty is over country not a man.

Picking your political party is a right and a personal choice. However, it is not about being a Republican but wasting all this energy promoting what we all know is the antithesis of anything we know is decent and morally right. Loyal Trump supporters are grasping at straws, acknowledging no good in Biden’s Administration and resorting to diversions such as Biden’s son’s legal problems and the president’s age. We must recognize that Republicans feel no shame with their machinations to devalue the present president and elevate Trump.

I don’t know why it is not a major issue among Democrats that Donald Trump openly lied to the nation during the COVID 19 crisis, contributing to hundreds of thousands of deaths. He is highly vindictive and has a maniacal ego that could start World War III. While he mocks those serving our country, we all know he wouldn’t hesitate to put our military and the American public in harms way. Democrats wake up and vociferously call out this walking time bomb for what it is. Stop being so weak in your messaging. 

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