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Critique of Biden’s recent State of the Union address

by William T. Robinson, Jr
William T. Robinson, Jr.

I would assume that all Americans seriously concerned with the status of this country made it a priority to watch our President Joe Biden’s State of the Union Address March 7. Regardless of how one feels about the president, I would think that out of respect, one would have made an unbiased attempt to hear his analysis of the state of this country. I guess that was wishful thinking on my part, because it was evident that the Republicans in Congress were unreceptive to anything positive he may have accomplished under his administration.

To the average intelligent, unbiased free-thinking American, it is indisputable that President Joe Biden scored a home run in his State of the Union address. Nevertheless, there was sporadic jeering by some Republicans. Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene lived up to her expectations of being the rudest and most disrespectful politician there.

The truth of the matter is whether you support Biden or not, one would find it hard to contest that he hasn’t done a commendable job as president during his administration, even if you chose to fact check everything he said. Of course, the diehard, Trump Republicans appear to be oblivious to the truth, even if it portrays the country in a positive light.

Biden shed light onto Republicans in Congress who dismiss Nov 6. as an orderly protest. Jan. 6 was an armed insurrection, and the integrity of a Trump biased, Republican Supreme Court was questioned. He vociferously pronounced that we are fighting to retain our democracy.

Some highlights of Biden’s achievements include: 10 million jobs created with the greatest business startups in history; the racial wealth gap is the lowest in 20 years; inflation is down from nine percent to three percent, making it the lowest in the world; federal projects such as roads, bridges, and highways will be built by American workers, using American made products; healthcare and climate bills passed without GOP support; a bipartisan infrastructure bill passed; lowered prescriptions cost with a $35 cap on Medicare insulin, etc. When considering the COVID-19 effect on the economy, Biden has spearheaded the greatest economic comeback in the history of this country.

Biden advocated for supporting women’s reproductive rights and to fight to re-enact Roe v. Wade. He urged more comprehensive gun reform (including extensive background clearance) and the banning of assault weapons. Meanwhile, he works to secure the border. But we all saw how a bipartisan bill to secure it passed the Senate; however, it was kept from a vote in the House at the bidding of Donald Trump. (So much for the Republican’s sincerity in securing the border, using it as a political bone). He also advocated that the wealthy (making $400,000 and up) and big businesses should pay their fair share of taxes.

Biden solidified his position for our country to support and aid Ukraine. He made it clear that Putin is a threat—also that Trump should be berated for saying Putin should have his way, since all UN countries are not contributing their fair share to the UN. He vowed to work harder in persuading Israel to come to a ceasefire in the Gaza Strip, as well as committing the United States to supplying more humanitarian supplies to the Palestinians. He is adamant in proposing a two-state solution for the that region.  

Seriously, I find it hard to understand how some lawmakers in our highest governing body, Congress, refuse to acknowledge positive accomplishments by the opposite political party’s administration—even when the country irrefutably benefits. Honestly, there must be platforms or basic issues which each political party could collectively agree on. What is the purpose of Congress if they cannot work together to benefit the whole country, not their own special, esoteric groups or individuals?

Personally, I am an Independent and feel that all legislation should be judged on its own merits and how it would individually benefit the American people. When voting along party lines, you will find lawmakers voting on legislation that they may vehemently oppose, compromising their integrity honor, and morality—knowing the bill is not in the best interests of the American public. During public venues, you would think lawmakers would show some decorum and intelligence.

It is embarrassing and a slap in the face to Americans when we see ostentatious displays of disrespect by lawmakers representing our country. I truly hope, in the future, they will discourage public displays of flagrant disrespect by enforcing disbarment, fines, or suspension onto congressional offenders found guilty.

While Biden’s opponents are quick to use his age (81) as a reason to discredit him, they were probably surprised by his fiery, coherent speech in which he emphatically stated the country was stronger and growing stronger. Like it or not, many found his State of the Union address to be informative and impressive.

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