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President Biden Unveils $3.3 Billion Plan to Reconnect and Rebuild Communities Across America

President Joe Biden has announced a groundbreaking $3.3 billion initiative to revitalize communities across more than 40 states, a move the White House called a significant step toward addressing historical disparities in transportation infrastructure.

The president unveiled the strategy during a visit to Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The initiative is expected to address long-standing problems of neglect and isolation in communities, particularly those that have suffered disproportionately from previous infrastructure projects. Administration officials said Biden’s ambitious agenda seeks to bridge divides and ensure equitable access to essential services and opportunities.

The initiative’s focal point is the Reconnecting Communities and Neighborhoods Program, a groundbreaking project that has received support from both partisan legislation and the Inflation Reduction Act. Operated by the Department of Transportation, the program strives to repair the harm caused by previous transportation projects while also fostering economic growth in towns countrywide.

“At its best, transportation infrastructure connects people to opportunity and spurs economic growth,” Biden said. “But historically, some of our nation’s infrastructure investments and decisions have done the opposite.”

Among the key projects highlighted in the announcement is the $36 million allocation for the 6th Street Complete Streets Project in Milwaukee. The endeavor seeks to undo the damage caused by the construction of I-94/I-43 in the 1960s, which displaced thousands of homes and businesses. The project aims to create a more inclusive and sustainable thoroughfare featuring wider sidewalks, safe bike lanes, and enhanced green infrastructure.

The initiative extends beyond Milwaukee, with several other projects set to receive funding. Notable examples include “The Stitch” in Atlanta, Georgia, which will see $158 million to reconnect midtown to downtown, and the Chinatown Stitch in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, receiving $159 million to cover portions of the Vine Street Expressway.

In addition, Biden’s broader infrastructure agenda has already mobilized thousands of initiatives across the country, totaling $650 billion in private sector investments. According to a White House Fact Sheet, the focus remains on “revitalizing communities, creating jobs, and improving the overall well-being of American families.” The administration has also allocated significant resources to advance equity and environmental justice, with over $150 million invested to protect fence line communities from harmful air pollution. Additionally, nearly $3 billion has been made available through the Environmental and Climate Justice Program, which the White House said ensures meaningful engagement from local organizations in infrastructure decisions.

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