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Republican led state legislators flexing their abuse of power

by William T. Robinson, Jr
William T. Robinson, Jr.

We live in a society in this country where there are two major political parties, Democrats and Republicans, vying for the support and trust of the constituents who elect them. But in an attempt to maintain their positions of authority and control, some elected officials resort to methods that most would judge as unethical and immoral. Their decisions on policies and laws are not necessarily good for the majority of the people they were elected to represent. Power then dictates or overrides ethics and morality, deflating what is in the best interest of a state in general.

There was a time when both parties were cordial and respectful when working together, reaching compromises that everyone could benefit from.  Bipartisan support wasn’t always an anathema. In fact, it was the general rule instead of the exception. Our state legislature, in days gone by, showed decorum and respect in working together, therefore gaining the respect of the public. While there may have been contentious, political ideologies and philosophical views dividing the two parties, a workable medium was available.

Now we have the Trump Era, with Donald Trump masquerading as a Republican. A new era of Republicans has evolved with no respect for decorum or past practices allowing for meaningful legislation. The worst in people (especially Republican lawmakers) seems to be accepted and applauded. Donald Trump has literally, single handedly opened up Pandora’s Box, allowing a myriad of iniquities and nefarious waves to permeate our society with little if any defiance from recipients.

A noticeable number of Republicans have adopted Trump’s propensity for lies, immorality and the flexing of power. There is a saying that too much power and control can be contagious, causing once good people to go bad. Power can also bring to light dark, hidden traits and even racist tendencies.

Majority led Republican legislatures in many states are forcing their biased views upon citizens, even going against the will of the majority. These Republican led, majority legislatures are overlooking the will of the people to enact legislation that supports their own personal agendas. Their actions have been deemed discriminatory, racist and a violation of personal freedom of choice. They don’t seem to value the will of the majority when it disagrees with their agenda.

Some of these Republicans led state legislatures have enacted legislation to ban books and the teaching of African American history in schools. They have enacted legislation to remove programs promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) from institutions. They refuse to enact reasonable gun control legislation, and they don’t respect a woman’s reproductive rights to her own body. The mere fact that many Republican law makers even today still refuse to admit that the 2020 presidential election wasn’t stolen and that there was no insurrection Jan 6, 2021 at the Capitol, speaks for itself. We have some conservatives leading our state legislatures who are not openly willing to admit or accept the truth.

The last I heard, we were supposed to be a democracy emphasizing the freedom of choice and the will of the majority. But choices are being spearheaded and decided by a select group, and it makes many people uncomfortable. Many feel we are headed toward fascism.

The only way we can deter the abuse of power demonstrated by these super Republican led legislatures is to vote them out. You can be in denial if you want to be, but our democracy is at stake. These Republican led legislatures have no regard for the will of the majority, and that’s only a prelude to what is to come. The pending demise of our democracy as we know it is real if we allow it to go unchecked.

As an African American, or a person of color, you are delusional or a fool if you don’t think this racist, biased legislation being passed won’t come back to bite you. These Republican led legislatures have no shame in blatantly manifesting their power. They’re openly showing the public what they think of them. One can only assume that the icing on the cake would be having Donald Trump as their dictatorial president and leader.

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