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The Sporting Life: The 2024 Great Debate Edition

by Cass Teague
Malcolm X and Martin Luther King symbolize the dichotomy at the core of The Great Debate.

Experience a debate on Black Nashville’s response to gentrification, inspired by the visions of Malcolm X and Martin Luther King, Jr. An evening of culture, music, and lively dialogue awaits.

Two debate teams, representing the perspectives of Dr. King and Malcolm X, will discuss the issues facing Jefferson Street today. Musical performances by local artists will make for an evening that will feed the ears and the mind!

The Great Debate: African-American Renaissance or Corporate Gentrification will be hosted by and at Pleasant Green Baptist Church, 1410 Jefferson Street, Nashville, TN 37208, on Tuesday, April 16, from 6:00 PM until 8:00 PM.

This Great Debate is produced by The Great Debate Academy, in partnership with Alkebu-Lan Images, Inc. Each of these organizations have been in the struggle for decades.

The Great Debate originated in Black Nationalism classes taught at Tennessee State University by Dr. Amiri Ya-Sin Al-Hadid beginning in 1985. Out of them, grew the Great Debate Honor Society and the Great Debate Academy. It also fueled the creation and development of the TSU Africana Studies Department, of which Dr. Al-Hadid is the Founding Chair and current Chair Emeritus.

Alkebu-Lan Images, Inc. has served the diverse intellectual, spiritual, and inspirational needs of African-Americans in the Nashville area and beyond since 1986. Whether it’s books addressing all perspectives of Black religion, history, and philosophy or jewelry, art, and clothing that highlight Black and African cultural strength and beauty, Alkebu-Lan Images is your go-to center for curating and cultivating positive Black lifestyles.

The Great Debate: African-American Renaissance or Corporate Gentrification event is free to the public. However, donations to support this and future Great Debate events will be appreciated! Please consider supporting this and future events with a donation of $10. You can increase your donation amount by increasing the number of tickets you’re purchasing, e.g. $20 donation = 2 x $10 tickets. You can reserve your tickets online now at: posh.vip/e/the-great-debate.

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