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Come Holy Spirit

Bishop-Elect Dr. Monterey D. Lee, Sr.

“During this time of prayer, the disciples were in the upper room where there was a meeting of the believers, about 120 of them. Peter stood up and said through the Holy Spirit by the mouth of David that something must happen, must be fulfilled, involving Judas. He was one of our own members and served together with us and had obtained part of this ministry. He led those who arrested Jesus.

Judas bought a field with the money he got for his evil act. But he fell to his death, his body burst open [asunder], and all his intestines poured out, gushed out. Everyone in Jerusalem learned about this so they named this place ‘Akeldama.’ In their language Akeldama means ‘Field of Blood.’ In the Book of Psalms, Peter said, this is written may his place be empty [desolate]; leave no one to live in it. As it is written, let another man replace his bishoprick [office] as leader,” Acts 1:15-20.

The first church was so concerned about the followers of Jesus Christ that they came together to seek the help of the Holy Spirit about who would replace Judas, as it has been revealed through the mouth of David. Peter makes it clear that the scripture must be fulfilled, concerning Judas for betraying Jesus for 30 pieces of silver by identifying Jesus with a kiss. It was the Roman soldiers of  Pontius Pilate who took Jesus after the Sanhedrin council of priestly and lay elders had Jesus arrested during the Jewish festival of Passover for blasphemy, claiming that He was the King of the Jews. The main order of concern was who would be the new disciple that would identify with the other 11 disciples. The church had already grown to more than 120.

While the disciples waited for the Holy Spirit to lead them to receive a new disciple, they prayed seeking God’s guidance so they wouldn’t run ahead of God and His decision. Peter makes it plain, saying ‘how could someone who had been with Jesus daily betray Him’—someone that walked with Him betray Him; someone who prayed with Him betray Him? Judas had the same calling on his life as the other 11 disciples, as teachers of the gospel. Judas became an enemy of Jesus. Judas’ jealous spirit robbed him of his identity as a follower of Jesus Christ. This is why he plotted with the enemies of Jesus to betray Him. You must be careful when your heart becomes hardened, solid, caked, and thickened against Jesus. Jesus knew this would happen, but why? Because it was Judas’ choice to do so. The disciples knew they must replace this traitor with someone who has been with Jesus as a faithful servant not a traitor. Judas hanged himself for what he had done to Jesus. He fell to his death, and his body burst open after the branch broke. His body was taken to the place called the ‘field of blood,’ Akeldama—‘may his place be empty, leave no one to live there, but replace him.’ Whatever you do, just know that ‘karma’ is real. You will reap what you sow. So lets pray that God will send us someone new to be a disciple with us.

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