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Selective Prosecution of Marilyn Mosby

by Dr. E. Faye Williams
Dr. E. Faye Williams

TriceEdneyWire.com – Black people have always known about selective prosecution. But lately, it has been more blatant than any we’ve seen in recent years. Many people think things have gotten better, but in many areas, nothing could be a long way from the truth.

“Selective prosecution in jurisprudence is a procedural defense in which those convicted argue that they should not be held criminally liable for breaking the law, as the criminal justice system discriminated against them by choosing to prosecute.”

This is certainly true in the case of Marilyn Mosby. She did as more than 700 people in Baltimore alone did while she served as state’s Attorney. She borrowed funds during COVID from her own retirement fund.

Her ‘sin’ was convicting police for unprincipled acts while on duty. If you’re Black, you know it happens, because it has more likely than not happened to you or someone you know. I would, however, argue that my brother who was a parish sheriff, my nephew who is a current state trooper nor any of my relatives in law enforcement would ever be in that category as most people in law enforcement.

Unfortunately, Marilyn Mosby, a brilliant young woman who believed in justice, and worked to make that clear ran into a roadblock. As one who understands what she and her young daughters have gone through, the fact that the orange man worked to convict her while he was committing real crimes, I’m supporting her by seeking a pardon for her.

She’s scheduled to be sentenced May 23, so several of her friends and I who know about her great work, are seeking a presidential pardon. I’m, therefore, asking you to go to the website about her case, read the true story, sign the petition for the pardon, and forward the website to all of your friends and relatives and ask them to do the same.  The site is <www.justiceformarilynmosby.com>.  Additionally, I’m asking you to call the White House on 202/456-1111 on one of the following days (Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday) and simply ask President Biden to pardon Marilyn.  Marilyn’s had her life totally disrupted because she dared to prosecute people who committed crimes, and save those who were accused, but did not commit crimes.

I’ve met so many people who were the recipients of her good work to bring justice to deserving people.  It’s now time for us to work on her behalf. We must get this done by May 15, so please read the website, send it to your email list and call the White House on the first Tuesday you get my message.

I’ve written messages to many churches to announce this to their congregations. I know there are many I didn’t get to, so please share this message with your pastor or if you want me to send it, go to <www.thedickgregorysociety.org> or <www.drefayewilliamsesq.com>. There you will find every way you need to get acquainted with me and know how to reach me if you have questions or suggestions on what else I can do to provide the help Marilyn needs now or to tell me what you are willing to do that I haven’t mentioned. This case has taken us to the latest Civil Rights Movement. Please don’t get left out. If you have children or grandchildren, working on this case is your opportunity to tell them you worked on another Civil Rights Movement.

As Black people, we must know that the freedom we have now is because a lot of our ancestors and a few others like Viola Liuzzo worked to get us the rights we have today. Some even died. We are responsible for not only preserving those rights as Marilyn Mosby was doing, but expanding them. Don’t forget to vote in every election.

(Dr. E. Faye Williams, president of The Dick Gregory Society.)

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