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Extremists running rampart

by PRIDE Newsdesk
William T. Robinson, Jr.

We are living in a world that is daily becoming unpleasant and threatening with many people vehemently thrusting their views on others. I am referring to individuals and groups literally demanding other conform to their views or ways of thinking—or else experience dire consequences, such as cancellation or bodily harm.

But where is the public outrage towards these groups who advocate harm and retaliation to those who don’t conform to their radical, unorthodox views? These individuals and groups should be monitored or undergo legal ramifications, especially if they incite violence or harm to others. But whether one disagrees or not, the U.S. Constitution guarantees that all citizens of this country have freedom of speech. That freedom may be seen as a slippery slope by some or as an invaluable tool in sustaining a free democracy. In some countries, this freedom is forbidden to citizens in order to sustain a dictatorship.

There are extremists in each of the major political parties, Democrats and Republicans, that are toxic exploiters of keeping our elected officials from bipartisan legislation that could act in the best interests of all citizens. The ammunition used by these extremists, include: lies, misinformation and hyperboles [gross exaggerations], which are primarily geared toward misinformed or uneducated audiences—usually with the propensity to act on pent up emotions instead of facts. Such politicians fan their audience’s emotional fires with their extremist, often misguided views. Once a rarity in American politics, the technique has become accepted fare.

There is no shortage of elected legislators who bask in the light of center stage, while promoting their divisive rhetoric or ‘snake oil’ to a base ever complacent with drama and sensationalism—a base where truth and facts are irrelevant and inconsequential as to altering their misguided views. Extremists have hijacked both of the major political parties, especially the Republican party, making it almost impossible to enact any meaningful, bipartisan legislation. In fact, it doesn’t look like the majority of Republicans are rejecting these miscreants, and are therefore complicit in their extremist, right wing actions.

There should be consequences for legislators advocating violence or harm to those not aboard with their views. However, freedom of speech can act as an asset in being able to identify or acknowledge those whose actions or threats may be harmful to others.

It is realistically understandable that we as individuals are not always monolithic as to our views, and we should always uphold the adage that ‘we can agree to disagree.’ Historically, the two major political parties have had major differences in their political ideologies, philosophies and platforms concerning how the country should be ran. But for the most part, respect and decorum were always exercised in enacting legislation.

In all honesty, each political side offers some platforms that we all should be able to relate to that can benefit the nation as a whole. The right wing of the Republican Party is known for adhering to traditional values, but many feel it has gone too far in demanding everyone adhere to their traditional beliefs. Resisting any form of compromise, the ‘right’ will not budge one iota. But many on the ‘left’ side of the aisle (Democrats known to be liberal or even socialist) have gone so far left in liberalism that anything is acceptable.

Extremism is hijacking both major political parties.  The refusal to compromise by political parties is holding the country hostage, violating the basic rights of citizens to majority rule. When all is said and done, we continue to remain divisive. Many continue to adhere to the tactics derived for esoteric control by extremists. There is no need to name these extremists, because we all know who they are. Okay, let’s name one: U.S. Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene. We are better than that and should be striving to manifest our best qualities, not our worst.

Is it possible to exercise an acceptable medium on both sides, one that is workable for most informed, intelligent, and common sense citizens? As it stands now, we are at an impasse that will only escalate unless we wake up. Could anyone honestly relate to being an extremist, allowing no room at all for compromise?

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