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Faith of A Mustard Seed

by Barbara Woods-Washington
Barbara A. Woods Washington, M. Div.

“But now the righteousness of God has been manifested apart from law,…” Romas 3:21.  The ‘Thesis’ statement of Romans.  What a time to realize that Paul’s most major concern in his theology is: RIGHTEOUSNESS!!!  But, the greatest revelation for life in this is: to come to terms with Righteousness AND Justice being ONE and the same!!!!  ‘JUST Lost —in Translation!  And Lost… to the will of sinful man.

The Church IS LOST in it’s ability to transmit ‘Biblical JUSTICE’.  Perhaps because the historical American Christian Church has taken a single use of ‘slaves obey your master’ and built an entire empire upon the institution of slavery; giving faith sanction to all of it’s human related life atrocities.  Or, perhaps because the Church has taken a single use of ‘women be silent in the Church’ and built a one- gender- sided faith sanctioned religiousinstitution.  In a time when this Nation is consumed by a single man, JUST one man who, as the ONE MAN determined as a Nation to be it’s Leader, this one man now makes a total and complete mockery of this Nation’s JUSTICE SYSTEM.  So, whatever your reasoning shall be —the Church has reason to see it’s ‘UnJUST relationship to God’.

I continue now to speak a word of new life regarding the Church ‘running the numbers on Bible’ for a more JUST life in it’s relations to humanity.  Those WORDS OF LIFE, those CONCEPTS of Life that are Biblical… not on single occasion use, but can be found all the way across the Word of God!

How can the Church JUSTify a present life of total and complete ignorance of JUSTice?  Not less than 66 times in the Letter To The Romans, Paul’s greatest work, he uses the word ‘dikaiosune’.  Half of this number you see the translation ‘righteousness’ and half of this number you see the translation ‘justice’.  Neither is it small that Jesus says in the ‘Parable of the Unjust (Unrighteous) Judge’: “When the Son of Man comes, will he find faith on earth?”

Let this be ‘me’ gong on record in saying that The 2024 Church has a life support need to undertake a massive study of JUSTICE!  Text by Text!  Book by Book!  Every single experience in Bible that the WORD JUSTICE and/or RIGHTEOUSNESS… appears.  In what Book?  In whose mouth?  What is the Word of God saying concerning Justice?  This is not a ‘race’ thing?  Neither is it a ‘gender’ thing?  Justice IS… a ‘Biblical’ thing!  A thing that cannot be separated from the ‘righteousness’ thing!

Bishop Sedgwick Daniels grew the Holy Redeemer Institutional COGIC into a multimillion dollar religious, educational and social service complex in the abandoned industrial heart of the ghetto in Milwaukee.

They have five schools that have up to 1,000 students enrolled, a credit union, a medical clinic, a clothing and food bank, and an orphanage. (When was the last time you heard anyone in the black community speak the word ‘orphanage’?)  There are mentoring and counseling programs, senior citizen housing, a free complete Bally-like gym.  Current expansion includes the gutting of a huge building to fill with stores and lofts in what was a dilapidated area.

His sister, Hattie Daniels-Rush, runs the schools.  From 2005-10 under the Bush administration, she was a commissioner, the Commission on Presidential Scholars. She served as a White House faith-based initiatives specialist under President Obama.

The Bishop̓s brother, John Daniels Jr., is the chairman of Quarles & Brady LLP law firm.  A platinum top real estate lawyer.  He, along with their sister Valerie, owns and runs the nation̓s largest minority-owned food franchise company, with 66 Pizza Hut restaurants and 36 Burger King stores, with 3,500 employees.

Jamie Foster Brown, publisher of ‘Sister2Sister’ magazine says this: “I̓ve never known any church in the U.S. with so much. It was one of the brightest days of my life, and I̓ve had a good life.  Holy Redeemer is not a megachurch. There are only about 2,600 members in the church. But Bishop Daniels has done more for our people than many megachurches.”

Megachurches, and their people of God are appointed in our times to Study, and Preach, and Teach, and Walk, and Talk, and Live… “Biblical Justice” —APART FROM LAW; where the ‘Righteousness of God’ is manifested.

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