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The virtuous woman 2024

by PRIDE Newsdesk
Dr. Froswa Booker-Drew

I am grateful for the Proverbs 31 women who have been and are in my life. They have inspired me to be my best. But I never paid attention to the first part of the chapter in which King Lemuel shares his mother’s advice. She tells him not to waste his time on women who are seeking his material possessions only. King Lemuel’s mother advises him to be a person of justice, and a man of integrity. She tells him what matters in seeking a partner. As I listened on Sunday to this insightful assessment of this text, I thought about what this often-referenced woman would look like in 2024:

  • She’s rare. She’s not like everybody else.
  • Her value is immeasurable because she has so much to offer. She knows her value and worth.
  • This woman can be trusted.
  • She is generous.
  • She is not interested in tit-for-tat. She doesn’t have the time to be toxic or in mess. She values peace instead of trying to be right all of the time.
  • She’s wise.
  • She doesn’t just spend money. She wants nice things, but she’s resourceful. When she sees a good deal, she goes for it.
  • She’s not seeking a man solely for his money. He is a provider but offers so much more.
  • She values her body and does not allow everyone access. She knows that everyone doesn’t deserve the sacredness of who she is—with her body, time, or space.
  • A worthy man understands her worth. For others, they may not be able to deal with the totality of what she brings and she’s okay with that.
  • She understands the value of time—her time and the time of others.
  • She takes care of those she loves.
  • This is a woman who is prepared. There is no luck. Because of preparation, she is ready to take advantage of opportunities.
  • She invests in herself and others.
  • She understands the value of money and knows it is a means and not an end.
  • She works hard and makes things happen.
  • She has skills and is talented.
  • She takes care of business— inside and outside her home.
  • This woman helps others. She is compassionate.
  • She looks good. She takes care of herself.
  • She commands a room because of her class and elegance. She doesn’t need to be loud because her presence speaks volumes.
  • She trusts God and doesn’t worry, because she knows God is in control.
  • Her husband is well-respected because of what she brings to the table. She enhances his life. She is an asset to him. She is not trying to compete with him, she is a compliment and companion to/for him.
  • People seek her counsel.
  • When she speaks, her words are laced with kindness and encouragement. She doesn’t bad-mouth others. She doesn’t have time for gossip.
  • Her children adore her. When they talk about her to others, they complement her. They see who she is in public is the same person behind closed doors. She has integrity. They praise her beyond holidays.
  • This is a woman who takes care of her family. She’s not leaving her kids at home for someone else to raise them. She realizes that she is raising a child to become an adult and takes the time to invest in her children. She knows that her investment will pay off in the future.
  • She is loved, well-respected, and admired.
  • Many women have done well but she has that special something that makes her stand out. Beauty and charisma last only so long, but her character endures even through the changes and seasons of life.
  • Her beauty and brilliance are rooted in her relationship with God. She puts God first.

This passage isn’t just for women, but as my pastor stated, it should be a guide for men in seeking a woman of substance beyond only seeing the superficial, like a woman’s shape. Our media tends to highlight the worst in both men and women—this passage reminds us of the best that exists which isn’t often validated. God’s word serves as a roadmap to light our paths—even in relationships in a time that is cloudy and directionless.

(Dr. Froswa’ Booker-Drew is the host of the Tapestry podcast and the author of three books for women. She is also the vice president of Community Affairs for the State Fair of Texas.  To learn more, visit <drfroswa.com>.)

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