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NBIC receives $1.2M in grants to expand digital and financial literacy training for entrepreneurs

by PRIDE Newsdesk
Angela Crane, CEO NBIC

The NBIC has received $1.2 million in grants to support the integration of digital and financial literacy training for entrepreneurs across all of its programming including Foundations, Framework and Groundwork. The Tennessee Department of Economic and Community Development (TNECD) awarded $900,000 to NBIC through its newly formed grant program to support Digital Skills, Employment and Workforce Development. The U.S. Bank Foundation awarded $300,000 through its Opportunity Fund to NBIC to support underserved entrepreneurs including women, minorities, veterans and rural communities to learn how to gain access to capital and grow their small businesses.      

“These strategic investments promote economic growth, job creation and creates equitable access to capital to help small businesses scale their enterprises,” said Angela Crane-Jones, CEO, NBIC. We extend our gratitude to TNECD and the U.S. Bank Foundation for their commitment to help underserved entrepreneurs leverage technology effectively in their businesses and increase access to funding.”

The TNECD funds are part of a $163 million commitment in broadband and digital opportunity grants announced by the state on April 30. These initiatives are part of a broader strategy to ensure that all residents have access to high-speed internet by 2028 and have opportunities to develop digital skills, access high-paying jobs, connect to broadband enabled devices and access online learning and telehealth resources.  

The U.S. Bank Foundation grant dollars are unrestricted funds that allows innovation by the NBIC to allocate resources where they are most needed in the organization. The funds empowers the NBIC to seize an unexpected opportunity, sustain current programs, invest in capacity building initiatives, or respond to an emerging need or crisis that impacts entrepreneurs. 

Since the pandemic in 2020, NBIC has empowered hundreds of underserved entrepreneurs through their digital transformations. NBIC’s Smart Digital Lab series offered in the Groundwork program provides essential digital training to navigate the online landscape as a competitive advantage.

Learn more about NBIC programs and eligibility at <nbichub.org/>.

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