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India.Arie sets hiatus from touring: “I need healing too”


In a deeply personal open letter, four-time Grammy Award-winning singer-songwriter India.Arie announced her decision to step back from touring, citing the need for personal healing and mental health care. The announcement comes from an artist who has been a powerful voice in the music industry for over two decades.

“I’ve sat quietly all these years because the things that inspired me had disappeared, and I’ve been healing from great disillusionment,” Arie wrote on her social media page. Despite recently accepting a few shows to gauge her feelings, Arie was overwhelmed. “Everything in me is screaming ‘no.’ My nervous system is a wreck,” she said, highlighting the toll that recent years have taken on her mental and physical health.

Born on October 3, 1975, in Denver, Colorado, India Arie Simpson began her musical journey in Atlanta, Georgia, after moving there with her mother and siblings following her parents’ divorce. In Atlanta, she picked up the guitar and started collaborating with local artists, eventually forming the music group ‘Groovement.’ At 24, Motown Records discovered and signed her, launching her solo career.

The soulful musician and a beacon of authenticity made her mark with her debut album, Acoustic Soul, in 2001. The RIAA awarded this masterpiece a double platinum certification and gave it seven Grammy nominations. Her musical journey continued with albums like Voyage to India, which won Best R&B Album at the 2003 Grammy Awards, and Testimony: Vol 1, Life and Relationship, and Testimony: Vol 2, Love and Politics. Her global influence is evident in her record sales, with over 10 million records sold worldwide, and her numerous accolades, including four Grammy awards, 21 Grammy nominations, two BET awards, and four NAACP Image awards.

Despite her illustrious career, Arie has been candid about her challenges. In her open letter, she explained that she left her touring life in September 2019, seeking a break from the demands of her career.

Though filled with success, Arie’s journey hasn’t been without its challenges. She candidly shared the toll her career took on her health, especially in 2019. “I sacrificed my health, enduring deaths, root canals, and lack of management support, just to secure higher pay for my performances. I was underpaid for years,” she said in her post.

The open letter touched on her evolving perspective since 2020, which has seen significant global upheaval. “Now that I see the world all different ways since 2020, as we all do, I’m having a hard time being inspired to take on the absolute heavy lifting it takes to go on the road with 19 people,” she wrote. The singer emphasized the importance of mental health, acknowledging her need to prioritize her well-being over financial gain. “I need healing too,” she said.

Apologizing to her fans, promoters, and band, Arie expressed regret for any disappointment her decision may cause. “I’m sorry to anyone who is disappointed, that means you love me. And I love you back,” she said. Despite the hiatus, Arie hinted at new music and more authentic connections with her fans in the future. “I hope to meet you in a more authentic space with all the new songs I have at some point here soon,” she said.

During her hiatus, Arie said she’s not just stepping back from touring, but also into a new role. She plans to host meditation gatherings in her hometown, creating a healing space for herself and her community. As a certified meditation teacher and a long-time practitioner, she said she’s dedicated to providing a truly restorative environment. “This is my offering for now,” she said.

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