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Much needed victory attained for justice

by William T. Robinson, Jr
William T. Robinson, Jr.

On May 30, justice was finally served when 12 jurors unanimously found former President Donald Trump guilty of 34 counts related to falsifying business records regarding a payment made to adult film star Stormy Daniels before the 2016 election in order to keep her quiet about their alleged affair. Donald Trump has become the first U.S. ex-president to be convicted of a felony. It was a much-needed victory for justice. But Lady Justice might still be blind when it comes to many of Donald Trump’s other felony charges spread out over several states. As it stands, he has been personally charged with 88 criminal offenses in four criminal cases.

Nevertheless, there are those who blindly and foolishly continue to support Trump. But it is plain to see that this man is a compulsory liar, sexual predator and criminal who is not fit to run this country. Those who make excuses for Trump and vehemently claim he is a victim of a political witch hunt are to be watched carefully, because their loyalty to Trump supersedes their loyalty to our country. It is plainly clear Trump is the antithesis of anything decent. His supporters should not be upset if they are questioned about their motives or whether they have any sort of moral compass themselves.

But our judicial system (which many say is flawed) finally got it right, proving no man is above the law. This victory was much needed because many people had given up on the judicial system as well as the Supreme Court when it comes to fairly and honestly adjudicating justice in this country. No doubt politics has had an enormous effect on the outcome of many of those charged in our courts. However everyone, especially politicians, should be held accountable for crimes.

Status, race, religious affiliation, wealth or who you know should not play a part in whether a person receives fair justice in our criminal justice system. But we all know that these very factors all too often decide the outcome or fate of a defendant. It should not be debatable that our judicial system, as it stands, is in much need of an overhaul.

Donalds Trump’s disdain for the law (when he doesn’t get his way) is legendary. He has been able to avoid being charged with contempt of court, even after making derogatory and threatening comments aimed toward witnesses, judges, prosecutors and jurors. But how much should one person get away with without consequences?

I guess the biggest argument to be made is this: How can we instill in our children the honesty and trustworthiness needed to be law-abiding citizens if we support the likes of a Donald Trump. It just doesn’t add up unless you are the epitome of a hypocrite. Sometimes you have to open your eyes and identify the truth of what you see to keep from selling your soul to the devil. We cannot blame our young or future generations for being insensitive or immune to the truth or righteousness when we have those who are fervently helping promote and normalize immorality.

At this point, we should celebrate and unite when true justice is served. We should acknowledge that no one should be above the law. Unfortunately, the devil is a liar and has a large growing audience willingly submitting to his call. For those who still have a spiritual sense of what is right, they know in the end that spirituality dominates worldliness. They know that when righteousness prevails, we all win. Therefore, seeing Donald Trump finally experience due justice is a much-needed victory reminding many of us to keep hope alive.

It should be noted I’m not a Democrat or Republican, but an Independent. However, my moral values resonate more to the policies and ideologies of the Democratic Party; although, I see some policies I can relate to in the Republican Party. But the bottom line is this: Each law, policy, or issue should be voted on considering its own merit, devoid of allegiance to a political party. That would better serve the majority of the American people. Putting political parties aside, though, with Trump’s conviction, it is just good to see justice finally prevail. 

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