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Is the American public being played by the 2 major political parties?

by William T. Robinson, Jr
William T. Robinson, Jr.

More and more young people and conscientious thinkers are pondering the motives of the two major political parties (Democrats and Republicans) that seem to be working more to divide us than to unite us as a country. In the past, they have manifested a pattern of attempting to work together enacting bipartisan legislation—even if one party may show strong reservations about a certain issue.  However, the Republicans have now let the cat out of the bag with their ostentatious flaunting of lies and untruths to gain power and control.

The majority of Republicans have demonstrated they have little if any intention of working together with the Democrats as long they are in the majority in the House of Representatives or the Senate. They have revealed that any notion of working together in the best interests of this country is a fluke.  Many Republicans are unapologetic concerning their excessive abuse of power, claiming that if the Democrats had the advantage they would act in the same matter.

While the Democrats are crying for bipartisan collaboration, the Republicans are literally saying ‘a hell to the no!’ They have surrendered the reins of their party to extremist’s factions, with very few true conservatives fighting to hold them back. Their thirst for power and control have negated any consideration of following a moral conscience.  

So, the truth reveals itself. It may have never been about working together in the best interest of the American public. Instead, it’s about serving certain individual’s self interest in gaining money, power and prestige. Is it all a show? Are both powers secretly working together, enjoying and reaping the benefits of their elected positions? It has always been hinted at by some that overall, politicians on both sides are literally sleeping together and laughing all the way to the bank at the expense of fooling the American public. Many claim to see more similarities between the two main political parties than their declared differences.

Remember the Dixiecrats (Southern Democrats), reeking injustice and imposing racial discord in the South, fighting integration and acting as staunch opponents against the Civil Rights Movement? These Democrats changed to what we know now as the Republican Party in the South. Hum! It makes one wonder if the aim of many in each party is to keep some people down. Some would call it ‘bait and switch.’

The perceived, general understanding is that the Democrats represent the concerns of the poor and common working class. They advocate for strong government involvement, while the Republican stance calls for more power for the rich and big business, with little government involvement. Your financial circumstances, would then determine which political party you would have a propensity to support.

Fair play and benevolence don’t come into the equation when you have those obsessed with making money off the backs of the poor. We are led to believe that the two major parties are meant to maintain a balance. But that seems to be an illusion that is quickly fading for many.

The poor and the weak are counting on Democrats to call out the Republicans in their all-out attempt to lie and deceive the public. The less fortunate are depending on Democrats to stop Republicans from flaunting the immoral and indecent behavior of their members. But many have concluded the Republicans and Democrats are really friends that surreptitiously support each other, regardless of the issues.

While Congress argues about affordable health care and raising the minimal wage to a decent living wage for the common working man, do you think they have voted down adequate health care or raises for themselves? Some would say they work together 100% of the time, benefiting and serving only themselves.

Many people are calling out both parties, personally gravitating toward an Independent party whose allegiance would be to the American people and the country, not primarily to the party. Their premise is that each issue would be weighed and viewed on its own merits. The outcome would be in the best interest of the American people. The premise that the two political parties are attempting to work together to keep a balance is not working. It is just causing more division.

This article was written to give the readers something to think about when you have a growing number of self-acclaimed ‘woke’ people verbalizing that we, especially the working class, are being played by both political parties (although the Democratic Party comes across as being more benevolent and caring to those with less). Many people feel supporting an Independent Party is our only viable option for making commendable progress to benefit all Americans.

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