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Biden-Harris campaign energized by ‘Weekend of Action’ following ‘sleepy debate’

Following a lackluster debate performance by President Joe Biden last week, the Biden-Harris re-election campaign has sprung into action, seemingly galvanized by the persistent falsehoods of former President Donald Trump, who will be sentenced this month for the 34 felonies a jury convicted him of in New York.

After the poorly moderated CNN debate, the Democratic base invested over $14 million in the campaign as a result.

A ‘Weekend of Action’ mobilization blitz with over 1,500 events held across crucial battleground states marked the surge in momentum. According to the Biden-Harris campaign, the weekend marked the most successful organizing effort of the campaign cycle so far, with volunteer signups tripling compared to an average day.

Kicking off the weekend, Biden rallied more than 2,000 voters in North Carolina on Friday, delivering a passionate speech that set the tone for a series of events, including door-knocking, phone banks, postcard parties, picnics, and more. High-profile figures such as Governors Wes Moore and Tim Walz, Former U.S. Labor Secretary Hilda Solis, Sen. Chris Coons, and DNC Chair Jaime Harrison joined forces to boost campaign activities across the country.

In Pennsylvania, U.S. Sen. Chris Coons emphasized the stakes of the upcoming election during a rally in Montgomery County, urging volunteers to defend Pennsylvanians’ freedoms against Trump’s threats. Volunteers knocked on over 10,000 doors across Philadelphia, engaging voters in every one of the city’s sixty-six wards.

Former Gov. Jennifer Granholm, canvassing in Southeast Michigan alongside U.S. Rep. Debbie Dingell, highlighted Biden’s achievements, contrasting them with Trump’s agenda. “Ninety minutes does not wipe out three and a half years,” Granholm said. “You have more people under health care than at any time in American history, and what does the other guy want to do? He wants to gut the Affordable Care Act. Meanwhile, Joe Biden is campaigning for the soul of America. The contrast is so clear.”

In Wisconsin, Maryland Gov. Wes Moore participated in events focusing on Black voter engagement, while in Nevada, Vice President Kamala Harris rallied supporters in East Las Vegas, criticizing Trump’s stances on Roe v. Wade, tax cuts for the wealthy, and the 2024 election results. Harris’s efforts led to a flurry of volunteer activity, with over 2,000 doors knocked and numerous events launched across the state.

Georgia saw a variety of campaign activities, from a happy hour in Atlanta with U.S. Rep. Maxwell Frost to a viral video of Biden at a Waffle House in Cobb County. The enthusiasm extended to rural areas, significantly increasing volunteer signups.

Arizona and Florida also witnessed robust campaign efforts, with volunteers canvassing, phone banking, and participating in community events. New campaign offices were opened, and U.S. Rep. Gabe Amo and former Labor Secretary Hilda Solis helped to energize supporters across those states.

“To protect our communities, we have to double down and take action to combat the climate crisis, which is exactly what Joe Biden has pledged to do in a second term,” Frost said. “President Biden’s investments are working. With emissions coming down, we’re proving we don’t have to choose between a strong economy and a healthy environment. While Joe Biden is fighting for us, Donald Trump is promising, actually promising, to drag us backwards and leave the world worse for younger generations.”

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