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Donald Trump’s toxic appeal

by William T. Robinson, Jr
William T. Robinson, Jr.

There is no contest among most Americans concerning the July 27 presidential debate in Atlanta, Ga. Former President Donald Trump won against current President Joe Biden. It was a missed opportunity for Biden to address the gross shortcomings of what we all know is a habitual liar and a megalomaniac. What was being judged was Biden’s age and competency over a malicious liar and person lacking any type of a moral compass. 

The truth about real issues affecting American citizens was inconsequential, as the bombardment of lies gushed freely from Trump—and were repeatedly overlooked by the CNN narrators. The focus became Biden’s frail appearance, and at times his incoherent speech.

Yes, without a doubt, Biden appeared frail and lethargic. He was apparently suffering from what many attributed to a cold. The results have been nothing short of cruel and heartless from the Republicans. Even some Democrats are contemplating abandoning ship and looking for another presidential candidate to endorse. We all have had bad days or moments, but in Biden’s case it appears to be beyond overlooking or dismissing. But whether you like Biden or not, he appears to possess a moral compass and a genuine concern about working for all Americans. We all know his opponent, Donald Trump, is only ‘in it’ for himself.

Trump supporters have a myriad of reasons why they claim to support him, e.g., his business savvy or his untraditional demeanor. Many look at him as the pronounced savior of this country. The truth is, though, all the reasons for supporting him can be debunked.

If you are really interested in the truth, consider this: Trump, personally, has an unsavory business history. He has filed for business bankruptcy, oh, somewhere in the neighborhood of six times. He has lied about the value of his assets, and even had a fraudulent college where a settlement of $21 million was rewarded to its duped students. It should also be noted that during his presidency he inherited a favorable economy from the Obama/Biden administration, yet he took credit for gains made due to the actions of his predecessor.

While many people claim they are tired of what they feel is the makeup and actions of typical politicians, they see Donald Trump as a change. But one must remember that all change is not good change. Also, Trump’s propensity for lying and flagrant displays of racism and disrespect speak volumes. He appears to be devoid of any morals and offers us the worst characteristics imaginable.  Those who can relate to him tell the world something about who they really are.  

Trump has compared himself to Jesus Christ. Well if you believe him, he claims he can literally fix all the problems that beset the American people. But he is no savior. He’s just a con artist playing on people’s emotions, telling them what they want to hear. Unfortunately, he is literally flaming the fire for hate, racism, and divisiveness. He is bringing out the worst in so many people, while making lying acceptable.   

People tend to see or believe what they personally want to believe. They have that right, but unwavering support for Trump speaks volumes introspectively about a person. Trump has a base that unapologetically believes and supports whatever he says, regardless of facts. This sets up an ideal situation for a con artist and a crook to run our country.  

Trump basks in the loyalty he sees in his base, probably seeing them as wimps gullible to his incendiary lies. Surely, he cannot respect those who so eagerly bow down to kiss his ring. They are merely feeding his megalomaniacal tendencies and need for absolute power. His toxicity, lies and immorality seem to be welcomed by many in a country that is really in need of divine prayer. Trump is helping to normalize immorality.

The saddest part of Trump’s appeal is that he caters to the moral ugliness in a large faction of the people in this country. He tries to convince the rest of us that this is what we need too. Evidently, there are those more interested in drama and lies than the truth.

The question voters should be asking themselves is this: ‘Would I honestly feel comfortable with a compulsive liar and megalomaniac as president of the United States of America?’ Like it or not, another four years of Trump would be a recipe for disaster.

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