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Phenomenal troupe Traces visits TPAC

by Cass Teague


‘Traces,’ New York City’s most acclaimed and groundbreaking circus, strips away everything you thought you knew about the Big Top. It fuses the traditions of circus with the energy of street performance to create an explosive display of emotion and physicality set to the music of Radiohead, VAST, Blackalicious, and more. Traces is the acclaimed show performed by the Montreal-based troupe ‘7 Fingers.’ Traces runs for eight thrilling performances the Tennessee Performing Arts Center’s Andrew Jackson Hall Tuesday, Feb. 19 through Sunday, Feb. 24.

Traces is the ultimate affirmation of life and a celebration of the particular talents of endearing young artists so eager to please that they literally jump through hoops for you. This circus has been called “a whole new kind of awe-inspiring theatre” as multiple appearances on NBC TV’s America’s Got Talent confirmed. It is spectacularly ‘anti-spectacle,’ relying instead on the fantastic abilities of the performers. Traces is performed by individuals who appear to be nothing more than a group of friends, just as easygoing, affable, and potentially clumsy as the guy next door—until they unleash 90 minutes of heart-stopping acrobatics and unbridled energy that leave audiences breathless and exhilarated.

“This hit production features seven artists performing a variety of abilities, including music, song, dance, and heart-stopping acrobatics. It’s the perfect fit for TPAC and our passion for inspiring artistic expression,” said Kathleen O’Brien, TPAC president and chief executive officer. “Traces will captivate and exhilarate you with its infectious blend of high-energy cirque and engaging artists.”

Traces combines awe-inspiring acrobatics with infectious urban energy. Fusing the traditions of circus with the energy of street performance, the artists employ every trick in the book—from music, dance, and illustration to skateboarding, basketball, and high-risk acrobatics, making a lasting impression.

Traces features ‘Creative Direction by 7 Fingers’ (‘Les 7 Doigts de la Main’) and direction and choreography by Shana Carroll and Gypsy Snider. Direct from New York, Traces is performed by Mason Ames, Lucas Boutin, Valérie Benoît-Charbonneau, Matieu Cloutier, Bradley Henderson, L.J. Marles and Philippe Normand-Jenny.

‘Les 7 Doigts de la Main’ translates literally as “the seven fingers of the hand.” It is a twist on a French idiom (“the five fingers of the hand”) used to describe distinct parts united tightly, moving in coordination towards one common goal. Here it refers to the seven founding directors of the company (Shana Carroll, Isabelle Chasse, Patrick Léonard, Faon Shane, Gypsy Snider, Sébastien Soldevila and Samuel Tétreault) who, by combining their distinct talents and experiences, work towards their common artistic goals with the beautifully awkward dexterity of a seven-fingered hand.

Traces is produced by Tom Gabbard, Amanda Dubois, Fox Theatricals (Kristin Caskey and Mike Isaacson), The Denver Center for the Performing Arts, Nassib El-Husseini, and Thomas Lightburn. Tickets start at only $15 and are on sale now by visiting www.tpac.org; visiting the TPAC Box Office, 505 Deaderick Street; or calling 615-782-4040, or 615-782-4060 for large groups.

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